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To give you an idea of just how bloody sad some people are and whyt I hate fanboys so much its because of their inane and mindane harping on and wailing like babes while using foul language sometimes even to each other!

If they were to be represented in a game they would be the fiends but with the foul mouths of some of the Great Khans in Fallout New Vegas, lol.

In the link below you can just see how they are going bananas over things they wont see any difference on for another three years!

There are reasons to use up as much graphics and compute power avaiable but gaming is not it, no I said its not it if you have come over to here from that site and crying and wailing like the morons you are, lol.

Gaming and Business Ed 101...

No company is going to code a game using all the power of the latest cards in triple SLI and crossfire when only a dozen plonkers per country owns a rig like that!

Ergo they would loose millions of pounds/dollars in cash dunb arses, lol.

However if you happen to have a very big 4K monitor there is an excuse to up the power but even then only so far.

I used to be one of these and I am sorry but with the prices sthey are selling these things today you would need to be completely bonkers or have more money than GOD himself to do that!

Also you do not hear the console lot wining they want to overclock or ram in one of these cooking cards into their machines, they just buy their games and get on with it.

When I built my first rig it was an SLI using two Geforce 6800GTs which at the time was the second most powerful cards around and I think these cost around £200 each. Now people I know stated I was absolutely bonkers when I finished my build at around £3,500.

But two of the most powerful cards and the top Intel CPU, Core not Xeon obviously, would set you back the entire amount of my last system! That system also have some very fancy peripherals like a Logitech Denovo keyboard but the mouse from that was expunged in favour of the first true laser mouse from Logitech, the MX1000 I think it was. Two Acoustic Energy 2.1 sets turned into 4.2, lol. The list goes on like had all the LED fans, cold cathodes and a windowed Blackbird Case. Cannot remember who was supplying this at the time because it changed and I think Antec were involved at some point.

In fact that is another thing about PC Computing and that this language and one look at the PC Cases available and you start to think everyone that builds PCs today and plays games are mostly between 8 and 14. Because 99% of PC Cases look like garish toys or ornaments from the 1980's and I can never find a case I truly like. I find a small handful and say 'oh thats nice' but never see one and state 'oh now THAT is the ONE!!"

But I bloody well wish I did! Instead of wading though butt ugly after but ugly and even the expensive ones too can look butt ugly.

Lian Li cases look nice but a bit bland. Corsair do a couple that are nice and Thermaltake does a particularly nice one but its too tall and too skinny, lol. I did like my old Blackbird case and that was a sold at first site buy in all honesty. I still know the idiot I sold it too ... hmm ... I wonder?


Anyway I found this website looking for stuff on the APU AMD are teasing about supposed to be launching in 24 hours. But with Computext already on and websotes already posting this you would think that these so called savvy tech journalists would mosey on over to AMD and try to find out a few things.

I am particularly interested in whther it needs a new socket or just FM2+?

So they have woreded everything as if it is a desktop part they are announcing so that means FM2+ is a given really. Unless it is a steamroller 8 core FX minus the graphics in which case its the AM3, err is that + too? Lol, my memory!

Oddly I will add to this link below by stating that here in the UK an editor has stepped down from the position of ... err editor of the magazine PC Pro because of neanderthal dickheads like the ones on the site below. Reading his editorial in a recent magazine I was amazed at what he stated.

But then the magazines, at least ones I could name, have looked extremely biased while looking totally incompetent to the point of both forgetting what their indsutry is along with treating their readers like fecking idiots, have been widing people up, lmao! Err you don't say?

Once you have seen this stuff a few times, lies and incompetence, you start distrusting everything and everyone, dont believe me then mosey on over to my corrupotion blog and listen to the secret audio recordings I did of professional people holding a public position lying through their teeth, lol. asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com if you want further proof on that one.

But I will be fair the fact that they lambasted him becasue of them covering Apple's computers was not fair and, well rather dickheadedly behaved in my if you were to ask me. I am also the owrst person to ask, well if you happen to be the ones that did the lambasting, because had I been the editor I would have shredded these pissants into several pieces and sent them packing back to mummy wailing like banshees! Lol.

Once again I fecking hate fanboys because their ignorant anuses with an extremely low IQ. I mean the IQ has to be low to go running around teh Interney wailing like a Pig with a poker shoved into its never regions because your on over zealous fan of what you are using.

Grow the fuck up!!!

I should also add that I do not own an Apple gadget and stated for years I would never own one, but then that was before Steve Bullmer was not happy destroying Windows all his life and screwing the customers so the WIndows you pay for does not play fair when it sees others around. Oops rambled on there, lol.

If you defend any of the companies it will just show you up as possessing an extremely low IQ and no amount of big words leearnt will hide this fact!

Let us get yet another things stright about Microsoft and Windows. Lately it has been shit and though I like the look of Windows 7 Home Premium I am not that impressed with it. But its still way better that Windows 8 and in all honesty the compny you love so much has been so distracted with coding your precisous Windows to lie to you over just about everything, refusing to play with Linux, refusing to see HDDs that ARE there, sending all your conversatiuons and keystrokes to the NSA for backhanders and because he, Steve Ballmer, previously had links to or was in the military?! I read he was military man must be ten or fifteen years ago, or possibly more?

You PAID them to refuse to play nice and lie to you over why and then steal of your data and send it to someone else without you knowing and still you defend them and attack journalists, on this ocassion one not guilty of anything?!

Oh well, yeah I am suuuure that makes you look pretty smart!

Dumb arses!!

On a kind of mirror issue ... I TOLD YOU SO!

I stated to media and government a long time ago that they had better stop ignoring the IT issues and Internet ootherwise it will all end very badly for them and they will spend the best part of thirty years chasing their tails in a long list of vain attempts to catch up!

Oops!! Lol!

As for the lot of you shut the feck up and speak like your the intelligent human beings you portray yourselves as being, lol!

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