Monday, 2 June 2014


At least not today or any other day.

Much I say over an extremely long period of time but there be those little tell tale signs of what really does transpire as well as the direction one takes along with it.

At times these be subtle while others be plain to see for all and sundry. Of these I explain now and then and feel it time that these be explained again … just so they are fresh in the mind over the coming weeks. For reasons I cannot go into here but will be so once certain .. posts have been … posted.

I do many things and give many impressions and this is done quite deliberately so too. Despite what it may appear is my target audience and my intention to help and teach my primary concerns lie elsewhere and this should never be forgotten but which this I truly rely on.

For long be the time that passed that I had chosen to forego my oen pleasures and many a year this is been done. Because that which I see, to achieve is far more important than any pleasure I could find despite the fact that it is not only primary to all that are human but that which my own health condition commands aove all others that are not afflicted with said condition of those disabled to the point of being trapped within the confines of their own home.

This should and will now be understaood by all and must be fresh in the mind's eye for the coming weeks and coming months.

The system is to be shaken to its very core.

In recent times I have hinted in small measure to the changes that are coming to this blog and due to the nature and the very meaning of blog as more or less an online diary this refers of course to me and my personal life.

If you are on the right blog, ouch, then you will see the words posted at the top of this blog that simply states 'an air of ever increasing confidence”. These words were left there from the very outset to be used and realised upon much later on in the blogs existence. Also I was understating it somewhat on a blog, possibly the other, when I also stated that 'I will upset a big name' as this was quite deliberately misleading as you will all now know that I have upset a whole long list a of big names.

It would have been suicide to state too muc too early on and the blog had to grow in its readers to quite a degree before I could state too much.

Many would have wrongly thought me mad and the blog would have simply disappeared.

Many things I intended to achieve for a long time fell by the wayside until such a time that I could feel completely confident that I can set about attempting them. The very facts that back this up exist right here on these blogs along with all my others.

Oh yes, I may have quite deliberately forgot to mention I have more than one blog? What I stated this just now that I have two?!

No I am afraid the real figure is thirteeen!! OOOOPS!!! Good luck finding them all, lmao!

It might surprise a gre3at man to to know the name of the person I put most of the blame upon for that which I endured over the years.


Anger at oneself has been a battle royal that has persisted for what seems and feels like eons and eons but a simple explanation will fully explain why I do.

I should never have been fooled by such utterly incompetent people and organisations for as long as I have and angry because I should have seen all this and beaten it a very long time ago!

Some fanatical people mostly of some religious leaning have stated that it was written that I had to tread a particular path so that I would possess both the knowledge and skills to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Well it was stated they were religiously fanatical.

However I am glad they did not know all of the facts because upon looking back upon ones own life it certainly does appear this way! Much to my susprise but I am not one to believe in fate, or religion for that matter.

Religion today all seems to orbit the areas of money and pwer for me and that is enough to put me off on their own. Forgetting the fact of believing of a being who is all powerful and yet does not do a thing to change things … and any of you say it's me … well I wont be very nice! Lol. After all it is rude not to simply ask.

Personal wants and needs are the bubear of us all while certain … organisations like to strip this from reality to suite their own needs and rules. Changing of the rules and moving of the goalposts does not change reality I am afraid to say and it is this above and beyond all else I intend to show one and all in such a way that it would be akin to being slapped in the face with the wettest of trouts.

So then the eyes that refuse to die is the message one is trying to convey here but really works as a prelude to another of 'The Eyes Series' which will then be followed by several other posts of which will surprise many and … quite possibly put the fear of God … ahem I mean great fear and realisation into just how much of a losing battle they have been on.

This will also convey without doubt the eventual outcome of the battle and show that I have stated to the letter that of the truth and especially and above all else about me.

To may I battled I stated but one thing and this appeared on the surface to intend to resonate but that is what I allowed it to appear to be. The often used line among the media of being “too big to fail' made me realise one simple fact in it all, that this was indded their Achilles Heel!

Those corporations and companies that have grown to gargantuan proportions and command billions in revenue or many millions in budgets if your a public organisation, is fragmented and the line of communications between the bottom to the top is … diabolical and that is being kind.

Of course I realised this long ago on attempting a line of communication with those that matter instead of those that do not. If anyone fails to understand this Londoners have an old saying …

'Why talk to the Monkey when you can talk to the Organ Grinder?!'

This very old saying made me realise that this lack of communication was ripe for being taken advantage of and that those organ grinders being aloof and lazy think the platoons of monkeys can think for them and perform all dirty duties too. Those Monkeys would be the ones likely to discover while failing to fully comprehend the pitfalls along with any dangers. Even upon realising any reports made would have to traverse the hierarchy and there is always that one element that things all is impenetrable and impervious.

Of course you have to think you have certain other … sections of society or the system in your pocket, providing one thing while hiding another.

Based on these simple principles it was figured that there would indeed be a way through to convey to as many people as was possible. Even overseas where the greatest danger that could befall these organisations being a loss of money based upon sales of ideas and designs that ultimately fail or based upon lies.

For it is that which I blame myself for not convincing myself a very long time ago of that which actually goes on and not setting about acquiring the secretly recorded audio with many of those I spoke to at the time, just believe me when I state that I would now have way over three times as much evidence as I have today as all has been exactly the same during more than 15 years.

The goal posts have been moving for a very long time only in tiny steps so that no one notices … until it is too late that is!

Unfortuanetly for them I did suspect this early on, kept one eye on it while disbelieving this was the case and then set about the fact gathering era which started several years before the starting of any blogs.

Of course this had to be done on a shoestring along with limited range of travelling. Little by little.

Then while doing this I also had to build up a sizeable audience to make a difference. Little by little and week by week.Until such a time that the numbers were showing signs that the end of the tunnel was now a lot closer than the opening one entred the tunnel from.

Unfortunately for the organ grinders and the monkeys that are so proud they would go down with the sinking ship this time is upon us, or more correcrly 'them'.

All that remains are some twists and turns over the next couple of months which lead up to the 2nd anniversay that I started the online assault. Even if the blog your reading this on has not been going that long it means that your indeed reading the back up blog. Created as not just a back up plan but also to prove what I suspeceted of one of the biggest household names of all which as since been stated as much in the news media, at least here in the UK.

May other of my targets have also been appearing in the media and I would imagine that a very large majority of my targets have since appeared in the media. A very large majority and its possible even all of them have? Well I just realised that there are several things to do with councils and socal workers departments, oh wait ye they have appeared. Not to the full extent of the horrors allowed to go on by the last government and Mr Tony Blair, from an admission from sonmeone in the know, who wanted so many children placed in care. Obviously this would make it look like he was doing something!

Myself personally Mr Blair, I could not live with myself for being aggreeable and party to such an allofness to children's lives but then I think I have made that abundantly clear throughout the posts of this blog. I was prepared to do what so many of you did not. Not only that but there is one little not realised upon fact in all this which is coming soon …

.to a blog very near you!

Oh and why is it that the media now all treat Mr Blair as some bloody messiah?! Very time something is wrong they ask the guy that started the corruption among the public services what he would have done?! Jesus H. CHRIST!!

Enough to send my eyes red with fury and rage!!


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