Wednesday, 25 December 2013


I have declared my intentions to a few people I know. I have explained for the last time what will now occur in the first few months of 2014. I have seen a couple of eyebrows raised over this.

This is likely due to the fact that it now appears to some that it all seems to be coming together at the same time. This is what I had good to take place and did make an effort to plan for this but you, or at least I, never really know if this will pay off.

This is partly shown in here but I have not explained it all nor my intentions. I can, however, over the course of the next ten days start to put the final pieces if the jigsaw together just to show this. Remember I have a number of things I am being taken to court for and a number of others that will materialise in the coming months.

Capquest have sent me a letter apologising for the fact that I an upset over the fact that they are liars, corrupt and part of an industry that includes public offices that intentionally break several very serous laws each one carrying the punishment if time in prison to obtain money from those without any, mostly innocent too! No ifs and buts this is what is going on and had been for a very long time. Long before I was victim to it all.

Two things need to be remembered from the above paragraph and that is that this is just the start of something big to do with bailiffs and debt collectors and their knowing involvement in corruption and law breaking that resembled that which why on in the reign of King John in the 16th or 17th century. Only stealthily done. That is point number one. Point number two is the fact that until the courts become involved, which they seem to very readily and easily do as well as grant whatever orders are requested if them, I have never, repeat and emphasise NEVER, had any correspondence with Capquest.

Now hopefully what will arise from this, and I will email them on the 1st January 2014 along with performing one other important task with a few surprised, I will be informed of the governing body of debt collectors and bailiffs and suddenly scare the living daylights out of them too?  Hmm in fact I may do that today just so I know I have done it.

This is because a very important point links ago that I have done together. That is my health issues as I knew all along that I required help because this is my condition and no one else's. I knew there was not just one but several things I required hero from and this wool blow up shortly into such an event that it cannot and will not be ignored. Because many people will be lined up to take the blame who can easily afford their own top solicitors and we'll go running to the presses to save their own ARSES!

The trick has always been that one I had enough evidence and ruffled enough feathers it will get to the time that the Fox is to be set loose into the hen house! That time is now almost upon us and 2014 will reveal once and for all to everyone what really goes on as and keeping, or likely FORCING, the news media into action and keeping them busy for a long time to come.

The one thing that everyone was relying on was my despondence. This 'despondence' was over the fact that I bitched and moaned about not making my sideline money from my blogs. Yes it was annoying and I let this show but this was designed to confuse the issue intentionally and unfortunately I could not do this without venting my ire to all. It was ire and I do think blog are treated extremely badly and seriously conned by. After all a certain company became very big very quickly and if history has taught us nothing else in recent times I'd that there is a much darker and seedier side to sudden success. It defied belief for me that is for sure. Of course this of you that have followed my endeavours will know that my financial failures have been down in part to failed by Google between their blog, browser and an extension that is supposed to block pop ups only but which altered my layout screen, which had NOTHING to do with pop ups!

I got feed up and left this alone and only visiting the layout now and then and thought Google had removed the ads so added more. I do not know how long this went on for but this blog had more than ten adverts on it. The limit set by Google is three and the financial side froze and refused to move. Whether this is automated by way of an algorithm I do not know. But they refuse to let you contract then unless they are making enough money to be forced to pay you. You can bet that whatever a big writer makes it is a small portion compared to what they will make. So if they will only speak to you when your making £60, $100, per month then I would wager that are making between three and ten times that.

Typical of being similar toot tossers like those on Dragon's Den that seen to be challenged intellectually for the most part making money, and expect to be making money, on the back of the ingenuity and intelligence of others. This is because banks would not give them money, because they are also brain dead, which was obviously an issue long before the recession even started. Blowing part their current excuses that they want to give it money but people do not ask. BULLSHIT!

After all take one look at me...

1) I know about and have blogs on corruption...
2) Astronomy & Astrophysics
3) CPU'S and Computers
4) Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish
5) Orchids
6) Wing Chun Kung Fu
7) Music
8) British Wildlife
9) Japanese Maple Trees

I also have four others... and a number of subjects I do not have blogs on!! At least four.

I also have the following...

A) I have written two books on number one above with a final one in my head
B) I have a book on number four above and can write several others
C) I could also wire books very easily on Numbers 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and even number 6
D) During the years I was refused help I got up to a fifth chapter of a science fiction book!

At the present time I am going to try to start manufacturing electronic cages to house tropical plants and animals. Those that look around will see I have gathered together a number of tools. I need a supply of materials and then I can make a start.,,

That would be a fair amount of glass, possibly perspex too and various types of wood.

Remembering what I said at the start of this post about sticking it to the man and men and ask things coming together.., ARE WE THERE YET? LOL!!!
The energy companies are not excluded here and everything everywhere with all that I have written, especially if I have repeated it, is a deliberate TRAP for them to fall into.

For each and every obvious and steadily hidden two this also counts as double for each JUDGE AND COURT that zI would be taken to court by.

This I have been working on a very long time and the idea is simple and came to me when I was shafted by a DWP TRIBUNAL that made the mistake of making it so clear to me were not interested in me, including THAT GP, and only interested in helping the DWP so committing fraud, rather like ICE are doing. The fact that I had realised this with twenty minutes of leaving the tribunal and before even reaching my house the mistakes and arrogance they showed were to become their Achilles heel.

This new year that approaches is to become the year of the Achilles heel whereby them running around trying to guess my next few moves will suddenly come to light... All too late to help them.

After all it mattered not whether I told them if this blogs existence or not there was always the possibility that any one of them would find it before I starred to their it in their faces. Throwing it in their faces has adjust started but only the first few the rest in the coming months. As you will see in the next few weeks... think of it as tying up the lose ends, so to speak.

There were two things in mind when I started this blog. First I had to keep it low profile and out of their mindsets to avid being taken down until I had far too many people...

... secondly and this is the best bit.. the trouble with big evil corporations is exactly that... they are evil and amoral. They will not inform others, public offices or private companies, of what they may find on here and will therefore not team up to help each other out. They will not give a shit about other corporations nor those within their own. They carry on regardless, could not resist that line, with the over confidence that someone below then will take the blame our fall upon their sword for them, for a price of course.

However I was not after fall guys and I had seen enough of them in the new either get the blame from the news media whether this turns out to be intentionally, for fees or favours, or just plain missed due to incompetence.

Now consider that this all cones together in a short space of time? Considering the size of the whole thing with each singular job being humongous in itself, 6 months to a year would be short.

Then consider the fact it was just one person who did all this, running rings around them as he went sending them all running in rings in the opposite our wrong directions? Be pretty amazing some might think, eh?

Now factor in that this was a disabled guy with bugger all money with 120 symptoms more than half a dozen causing him pain and it might look more impressive still? So it sure could look that with those last two short paragraphs?

But the one thing you can be sure I would do is provide hidden clues, true or not? Hidden clues I can call upon at any moment? Littered thrift the life of this blog and so Ovid when you point them out that one pointed out asking with proved out everyone into one last position whereby no matter which way they turned they would be facing a brick wall?! Could there be anything solitary thing like that within the time stamped posts of this blog? Could there be more than a single solitary thing throughout the pages of this blog? Yes.

But could there be one single solitary thing that I c could say now at just the right time to make everyone release be they friend, foe or just naive and even the i immoral one? Yes. Could it be linked to everyone in such a way as to make them look utterly ridiculous and obviously incompetent or corrupt and therefore obvious all along that everyone who has ever done anything to me would immediately be seen as being WRONG?


Well that would be the very reason and single solitary reason for the creation of this blog in its first instance along with how and why I started my books in the first place which the very first chapter of which explains in its ENTIRETY!!

The thing about Fibromyalgia is despite the amount of pain and the number of areas of pain and how severe the pain, which I will get to and prove in the next few weeks, and desire the fact it causes sleep problems and is responsible for the depression and anxiety there is one other thing... one single solitary thing that shows that all have abused their positions and poorer where I am concerned. One single solitary thing I hoped all along I could prove but never dreamed it would be laid out for me and appear like the most accurate sniper's rifle you could ever lay your hands on...

...hmm I have now lost my train of thought and totally forgot what it was I was going to say?! Darn it that is the bloody thing with these memory problems it makes it so hard to fight the establishment and get around it. It costs and had cist me so much time and effort among with losing battle over they years!!! So much so that I am sure they have been aware of it?! It had unusually been not noted by anyone or any do called professional I have had the misfortune I have come into contact with?!

I have thought long and hard about how I could work around my Achilles Heel?

Oh..oh..OH!! I KNOW!! ...


Oh wait a minute...


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