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Land or an area of land which is called a kingdom refers to, or at least insinuates, that it has a ruler or king or even rulers whether this be a king and queen or more.

Someone once said to me many years ago that when children are leaving schools they look like ants. 'The ants are out' I used to hear very often for many years. Ever since then whenever I eee people flocking about be it children or masses of shoppers that for some bizarre, or indeed known, reason I think of ants.

When I am out and about I do not like to daudle or flutter around. Normally I am out for a reason, even if I have forgotten what this is momentarily or otherwise. When people are walking around aimlessly with their heads in the clouds crossing my paths it does on occasion drive me nuts. I strain to figure out what in the world they are thinking about. Also the fact that one gender is better than the other at multi-tasking is absolute hogwash. I lose count of the number of times I tut loudly and rook my eyes which is a politely way of saying 'your stupid and thoughtless' because someone had walled right at me while looking at me or crossed my path causing me to take evasive manoeuvres. Large over sized metal hiking sticks are made from the same material as Harry Potter's invisibility cloak it would seem.

This was particularly bad a couple of days back. Despite there being two TK Maxx stores near me one is crap and the other not much better and awkward to get to. I had been trying to buy a waterproof case for my tablet pc and the local one had three dozen that suddenly disappeared. So I took a bus ride to Wood Green and visited the TK Maxx store there as being the furthest away if three it's also by far the best one and easiest one to get to?! Madness.

Only when I walked in I first had trouble finding the tablet cases and when I did I found myself starting at all the ones that had been in my local branch up until two days earlier?! Also it was located on a long isle right by a large mirrored pillar which narrowed the gap between the isle and clothes rack considerably.

So for twenty minutes and doing this in passion while huffing and puffing and crying out in pain I had to get down on my knee and then back up again more then there dozen times! Why I hear you ask? Because women, either with a pram or without, came walking down the issue and starred at me until I stood up and got it their way. Once I had done this I also did not get a thank you except for one woman! Before long I was swearing under my best as the opposing clothes rails, all womens clothing anyway, was at 90 degrees to the isle I was trying to look at?! Only one women decided she was not going to force a guy with a walking stick to stand up and went around the isle.

I thought week they are no good with reading maps, maybe they think they will get lost going around? Lol. In the end I just grabbed two because it was  infuriatingly impossible to try and check out the items. At the country I stated to the woman there that it was utterly incompetent to place that isle so close to that pillar.

Ants that cannot multi-task and often feel like in some towns like I am drowning in mediocrity, quite literally.

Could not wait to get back and I had my Doctors  appointment where I was to fail two more check ups. The first was high protein in urine when your not supposed to have any, apparently, that that same day I had a high cholesterol level of 7 ish, supposed to be between 3 and 5, plus I cycle, walk albeit in pain and do not eat fast food. Oh yeah and I quite smoking over a year before. Glucose was high also.

So this was the first time I have been asked to do this over 40 health check up EVER and send my last Doctor also missed the fact that I have these issues. Not good for my previous surgery is it and the list of failings is growing to embarrassing lengths now.

But I am not an ant. You see normal ants they scurry around doing things for reasons that do not exist. Like a baby and it's feed they are feed information and believe those that provide it are competent to do so. Think 'that fat bloke down the pub told me so it must be true' but change pub for TV and your there. Or tabloid or anything else for that matter. The ants are also told they should do this and they should do that. The ants are told what is bad and what is good and that they should just follow the carrot and do not all questions...hmm or is that a white rabbit? Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

They like normality, status quo and routine and heaven forbid that anyone might upset the proverbial applecart on this! Or with ants it is when someone or sometimes woes away a segment of the chemical trails they leave for each other to follow. Then there are running around in circles waving their antennae around like they possessed by tiny demons. Ants group together and follow each other about and like routine as thus acts add like some sort of comfort zone. Maybe that is the idea behind politics in that it gives everyone the comfort that someone is in charge that is capable? Hilarious how this had turned out is it not?

Only the and have been led astray and way of the beaten track. Note the ants do not know where they are not where they are going either. But the ants do not want to know so they place their fingers in their ears and close there eyes and pretend that none of this is happening while going 'la la la LA LA LA LAAA!'

But things do not correct them selves or rebuild themselves while the ants do this. Ants do not possess magical singing voices that fix everything while their eyes remain closed! If only it were true! Lol.

That is how I sometimes see things and in more places than you might think and even those that work in Doctors surgeries, Dentists and hospitals appear this way to me. Even solicitors practises too and all appear as little scurrying hamsters completely oblivious to the reality that unfolds around them. As if one day they will wake up, suit at their kitchen table with their first cup of coffee of the day after collecting the chosen newspaper of their doormat and see the front page headline 'OH NOT TO WORRY, FALSE ALARM THE COUNTRY HAS SORTED ITSELF OUT NOW BY... MAGIC'.

You might now be realising that I really hate to speak by way of hindsight?!

This blog is littered with posts about public office, private companies and of course ANTS! You will note that many things on here you have read about in the news? If so it would be a good idea to do a few things. Like first find all my posts on a given subject. Take note of the date I first mentioned the things you heard about. Then simply check the date you read about it in the tabloids? Do a search on documents and others on recordings, emails and other subjects and listen to what I got people to say. Professional people.

The is no one worthy to be king to this particular ant but I live in a kingdom full of them scurrying around doing what is expected of them.

I hope that someday that will change and in my lifetime too.

For those that remember that I had a Polish glass vase that exploded just by holding it, I did not check in the TK Maxx store in Wood Green to see if they continued to stick them as the Enfield Town branch did long after I warned them.

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