Thursday, 12 December 2013


Well I had filmed a load oh game sequences and kept getting iffy messages from Google over it.

Of course I kept ripping crap out of them and it continued. I got so fed yup with their rude and aloof nature along with their Good complexes that I have up on filming particular things involving IT. Seems Google wants to own all computers now as well as the Internet?!


Well to be honest I repeatedly told then that I did not understand how the software houses would have a problem. Turns out that according to this report they did not...

..which means Google lied and it is they who had a problem. Either to do with money and their wants our because like do other many bits of software they ruin it fails to work correctly?! Lol.

That is now a list of issues they have refused to converse with me about and it is getting longer! I wonder how long that just will be by the time I AM ALLOWED to email them? Lol.

YouTube culls hundreds of game clips

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