Friday, 13 December 2013


Here is the most definite and absolute confirmation of what I have said over and over again.

Those we elect do not run our country making the election an absolute farce. In fact totally farcical is exactly what it had been rendered after the second blunder in as many days by the Pratt that is Prime Minister!

Before elected he clearly stated that no Heathrow expansion if the right thing to do.

That is not what he is saying now!

I have previously stated that they day one thing and then do another. The majority of the time this is pre and post a general election, though sometimes not.

How can you be so black and white without the obvious revealing itself? Someone DOES tell the Prime Minister what to do. Not just this one either and explains why members of their own parties end up enraged with their own leader.

Now think back and recall how many times this had happened. A fair few is it not?!

These are all examples of what I have stated but what I am not sure about is how far out actually goes back to when it no longer happens. I would imagine it would be Margaret Thatcher oddly enough. Maybe before her.

I remember Tony Blair being voted in and loved it and thought everything would change as would my life. I could not have been more wrong!

Now I see the man as a seedy twat and my skin crawls when idiot reporters hang on his every word. He had obviously been extremely well rewarded for his actions on many ways and that is POST PM.

We have continuously been sold out to the highest bidder which seems to have been the leader of Satanism if you ask me.

I always state Satanism because of a Jehovah's Witness who said that lately out is like Satanists ruin this country. Normally quick to disagree with them on everything instead I paused, scratched my chin and said 'Well you know for once I cannot argue because Satanists do exist' even if they are of a low order on the tree of life just below slugs, lol.

Joking as I was the fact they Satanists recently demands their own state next to the Ten Commandments, somewhere in America, I am stating to wonder if the home might turn out to be true?!

It is true that many properties and companies have bought rich people from overseas. We have had Asians, Russians and of course Americans. Out had become like a battle to see who gets control?! How do you know Satanists could hide their actions from the American public by doing whatever it if they do over here?

Crazy as it sounds it is no more crazy than a bunch of Satanists lobbying to have a statue up! I do not even know what the statue is of, Satan I guess? Lol.

At least two states of America had the right idea now, legalize Cannabis through still stages asks askew permits to smoke it in public?! Well with everyone stoned in troubled times they won't bother protesting, marching or doing anything destructive because of hard times. Also they will make a load of tax off it no doubt too.

Kill two birds with one stoned?!


Of course the Bible bashers will scream and shout but sorry you should not be forcing your beliefs onto others.

You also cannot chat on about a drug when another more destructive one is legal and had been for years.

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