Thursday, 5 December 2013


Iain Duncan-Smith has made an announcement I believe that says something along the lines of...

'We fecked up. The welfare system changing over to Universal Credit (and PIPS?) will not now come in (be completed?) until 2017'?

Ooh Mr Iain Duncan Smith, now why would that be? Did not think it through did you? Realise that legally the parties version, or Serco's, version of black and white does not stand up?!

Go back a year or more on this blog and you will spot, if your eagle eyed, that I starred several times that morally your intentions were serially flawed.

Now as far as I am concerned laws were invented to uphold morals, only in recent years they are seen by far too many as a way to find ways of performing immoral acts, always to do with money, and get away with it. Despite that you can rely far too much on it and just assume you can do anything and use the law to get away with it.

However I did spot a flaw in your armour that you yourself and your party handed me on a plate. But I only ever insinuated on here to get the public and the most naive that think you are doing good, or the right thing, to see the truth. That was it and that is all.

Even so I was surprised to see them state 2017! I mean that is after the next General Election surely? This means it will not be brought in at all then? Lol. This way when anyone pokes fun at it for the following ten years they can say it would have worked had they started in power?! Lol. Trying to save as many red faces as they can in other words.

OK I will hint yet again... you left yourself with absolutely no grey area, did you? Lol. Grey areas make all the difference and politics and areas consisting only of 'black and white' simply do not mix. In fact being honest, or the white, is nigh on impossible for politicians to be and grey is the best they can manage. So very early on I spotted that down the line this would fold up and that I could just help it along its journey down that black hole.

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