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Oh drat! That was a typo, you need to substitute the letter 'B' for a 'W' on the above line.

This link I spotted, I use the Huffington Post now, states that a Pastor in America has told Atheists to get on a plane and leave the country?!

Well if you ever needed proof of what I said that the USA is too full of bible thumping nutters then here you go?! I never even read it as the title says it all for me!

You know the term 'Christian Attitudes','Christian Values' and Christian Hospitality used to mean something. Once upon a time that is.

To me these bonkers tossers without a scrap of evidence to price what they say but manage to make money out of naive people that need something to believe in are, no better than radicalised Muslims bombing people.

At least when you have been killed by one lot of misguided religious morons you are out it off your misery caused by those around you with no other primary thoughts other than self preservation... actually no just greed for money. These are mostly made up of bible bashers in some places unfortunately. In the United Kingdom it is something altogether very different.

Oi Pastor?! Why do you and your naive flock of Sheep go and do a David Koresh and meet your makers? Or you all get on a boat and be set adrift at sea leaving the land fur people more understanding, intelligent and therefore deserving?

It really dies rile me when metre humans use the idea of a deity to force their own one sided, amoral and selfish beliefs upon others! It really does beyond belief! To twist and alter something that stood for peace, love and hope to oppress others is evil in itself in disguise. I have ripped and torn into Radicals throughout the life of this blog. Whatever impressions I gave people along the way is neither here not there. Only the TRUTH is of primary importance to me and for the visitors of this blog to see in the end.

By being honest and open along with the anger and frustration would help show how people can be forced, swayed and brain washed into thinking certain things that are primarily the blame of others.

For to long those voted into power have suddenly become self important and forgotten the rule of their existence. Over time this has become worse and ever more compounded by falsifications and lies. In the end the acts needed to help, support and rally your own people becomes lost in the sands of time and before long sifting through the sand will constantly come to no avail. All the while the people suffer ever more.

In the tabloid The Daily Star yesterday I read an article with great interest regarding the shoppers buying things in the Boxing Day sales. This was rather bizarre despite it being something I kind of suspected to take place eventually. There was trouble between people queuing up and a great deal of fights broke out. One individual even tweeted about it and stated that they were getting quite scared as people were very aggressive.

King or pauper, Princess or scullery maid all can be reduced to such behaviour if the pressures and stresses are applied for enough time.

This was the kind of thing I had become worried I would read about eventually and it was obvious with hindsight, admittedly, that it would be one of the big sale days of Boxing Day or New Year. It was not localised either by any stretch of the imagination and was up and down the country.

I for one have never understood this queuing for such things anyway but in recent times I can and do get it. You would not catch me doing this for a bargain or anything else for that matter. I wasn't things to do certain jobs and like any primate I need to be entertained but I will not be reduced to an animal and stand out in pain in all temperatures and extreme weather to get a bargain or be one of the first to buy something I can simply have delivered to my door with no problems a few weeks later.

Pastor Tells Atheists To Get On A Plane, 'Leave The Country' -

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