Sunday, 15 December 2013


I suppose with I've of the biggest names in the world the writing was on the wall four this one.

I must admit to not seeing it and bring somewhat shocked that IBM s company I admired many years ago faces a deregister lawsuit over cooperating with the NSA?!

In fact that side if things never occurred to me. A company would lose a great deal of money if this ever got out,, that was obvious. But I never stopped to think about shareholders that could be kept in the dark. After all if they were not party to this then a lawsuit via anyone our a group of shareholders was register on the cards.

It is beginning to look as if their actual claims that they were protecting their nation have proved the opposite. The National Security Agency may have done some serious and long term damage to their country and it's huge list of companies?!

This will also be true of elsewhere...hmm did I not actually state that this bloody minded attitude world backfire? No one trusts anything, any over our any companies any more and that is certainly true here in the United Kingdom.

We the public can only but stags and search as the countries that were once proud and that many looked up to slowly disintegrate before our very eyes and very slowly too.

IBM faces shareholder lawsuit over cooperation with NSA

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