Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Ahh now then I stated that the Ombudsman are seemingly helping those we party then to keep a check on.

You have all seen the huge list I have been involved with and seen my repeated claims that something was seriously fishy, or more like a dead rat in smell?

Each have been the same to deal with including their excuses and lures and was as I expected from day one.

I am currently attempting to contact each and every Ombudsman with a Freedom Of Information request. Ombudsman are not the only ones that will receive this request but the complete list is very, VERY long and I have to break it into sections. I will publish the long list of Ombudsman when I have finished and due to including all the Ombudsman the list grows as I add to it as I found more as there will be many I have not had good reason to contact. In fact I am wondering which must will be longer, the list of ones I have contacted... or the list of new ones I have not?!

The reason for this preview like post is that I found a little webpage that states that one particular suggest Ombudsman, the Local Government Ombudsman, are stated to advise Local Government on how to deal with complaints from the public.

So I stopped and decided to email the people responsible and tell them about my blog while mentioning their website on here.

Live the website name of Rotten Borough! Lol.

Another interesting site, even if they sounded a little defeatist when we exchanged emails over a year ago, is Ombudsmen Watchmen. Think it was

Here is the link.

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