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I have previously discovered and stated on here that I suffer with Fibromyalgia and have stated a few things.

I have not stated everything and not by a long way either! This is because I have been reading and researching wheat I can and at my own expense. This includes the reading in full of two books, one prior to being told good luck with finding an expert on Fibromyalgia by my new Doctor and one AFTER.

I have here a few things I would like to list from the second of those two books which I downloaded to my newish Advent Tegra Note 7 inch Tablet PC. Very handy little thing this is proving to be and I have much bigger plans for it yet!

Change Your Diet, Lifestyle and Attitude For A Healthier and More Mobile You
Nicholas Styles

This is a very good book. I downloaded it from Amazon oto my tablet and all references below are taken from it, except ones in brackets which is me poking fun at my own so called professionals and nay-sayers, lol) (that is what it says, lol)

Chapter 1

...doctors consider this problem to be a rheumatic condition, along with arthritis and tendinitis. Unlike most conditions however, fibromyalgia has no clear and obvious cause. In most patients many different factors appear to be involved.

Many people who deal with Fibromyalgia also have other issue, such as cognitive problems, depression and anxiety, or NEUROLOGICAL issues.

Doctors have discovered that the brains (told you I had one lol) fibromyalgia sufferers often have chemical imbalances that over stimulate the inflammatory pathways.

Whether you fit in with the groups most likely to have Fibromyalgia or not, it is a good idea to speak to a Doctor or another medical professional if you suspect you may have it. (obviously never been under the NHS then)

Chapter 2
Misconceptions About Fibromyalgia

Most poorly understood yet widespread disorders in existence.

Was not classified by the American College of Rheumatology until 1990.

Many medical professionals still believe MYTHS about it (author IS American)

MYTH # 1: Fibromyalgia is a Psychiatric Disease (completely destroys TWO former GPs I disagreed with)

MYTH # 2: Fibromyalgia is rare

MYTH # 3 Fibromyalgia is a FAKE Dignosis (living embodiment of this fact)

This myth suggests that Doctors use Fibromyalgia to cover up the fact that they cannot find the real cause of the problem.

MYTH # 4: Only women get Fibromyalgia

Only 80% of patients are women but that does not mean that men cannot get it. (ooh yeah I have already had the first few wisecracks about this and I am sure they are queuing up over this one). Male patients are less likely to have obvious symptoms so they go undiagnosed (bout I have for more than 15 years and am STILL undiagnosed?!)

MYTH # 5: Fibromyalgia does not hurt much!

Not all patients experience severe continuous pain but many do.
 ..more likely to be mild early on in the PROGRESS of the condition. (AHHHH-HA!!) Without PROPER TREATMENT it can be hard to go for a walk or sweep the floor. Even patients that are receiving good treatment suffer some pain but they have leqarned to live through it.

MYTH # 8: People with Fibromyalgia are just laxy.

People have have never suffered from the problem find it easy to dismiss sufferers as lazy or prone to excessive complaining just because they cannot get around or maintain a job. They don't understand how the condition can affect your quality of life. In fact most Fibromyalgia patients work a lot harder than people WITHOUT the condition, just so that they can conitinue normally. (Ahhhh-HA!!! LOL)

Chapter 3 Symptoms and Diagnosis

By becoming an informed patient you can rule out the risk of dealing with a doctor who does not understand the condition. (so why was I never used and taken advnatge of by being a Guinea Pig like I stated?!)

Process of getting an official diagnosis can be long and difficult the right background information (umm me bing ignored for ten years you mean?) could streamline the process.

Pain appears both above and below the waist and on left and right sides of body, or bi-lateral. (Head, shoulders knees and toes, kneeeees and toooooooooes, lol)

Fibromyalgia sufferers also frequently exprience tender points when exposed to firm pressure. Back of the head, between shoulder blades, front and sides of the neck. Sometimes they develop on elbows, hips, upper chest and the inside od their knees!

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia often lead to sleep disturbances. Many sleep for long periods of time but wake up tired because the pain prevents them from entering a truly deep sleep.

No lab test available to test for Fibromyalgia but does not mean tests cannt be done. Blood count test is iften asked for. erythrocyte sedimentation rate test and a thyroid function test are also normally done. These are designed to rule out other condions causing simlar problems.

Old rule of 11 out of 18, in my older book, is now not followed anymore.

Chapter 4: Coping With Fibromyalgia and How It Affects Your Life

This disorder costs sufferers significant amounts of money while reducing their ability to interact with others.

Many require eztra assistance just ti get THROUGH THE DAY.

According to the National Fibromyalgia Association (2013), 34% of people who have this condition and carry HEALTH INSURANCE still spend between $100 and $1,000 every month above their insurance. (£70 to £700 and wait for it.....AHHHHHH-HA!!!! LMAO)

The United States as a whole spends an extra $12 to $14 Billion Dollars to deal with this condition. (while the NHS spends the same amount do NOT DEAL WITH IT! LOL)

Stiffness in the morning along with problems with memory and thinking. (This does NOT apply to the MRI I was supposed to attend for my KNEE. That was an out and out LIE by Chase Farm yet again, lol)

While Fibromyalgia does not cause FATIGUE directly (CFS) its symptims and be responsible for loss of sleep and routine tiredeness. The pain and senseitivity caused interferes with sleep. A poor nights sleep can greatly decrease quality of life above and beyone the effects of pain. (AHHHHHH-HA!!!)

Depression and anxiety are common problems with Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Benzodiazepines (AHH-HA found these helped but repeatedly refused to be given them)

Accupuncture (asked for this reapeatedly but never got sent there)

Massage (asjked for this once a month but was refused repeatedly)

Tai Chi ( or Wing Chun in my case lol, do not even get me started on false presumptions on this one by all of the bloody idiots I ever met)

Yoga (My Hips would kill me)

St Jon's Wort (I had wondered about this)

Because many people who suffer this condition experience difficulty cooking and washing dishies, it may be difficult to choose a healthy diet. (Now WHAT would I normally state at this point?!)

(Goes on about a dirt I cannot afford nor go out and bring back due to shelf life mostly and frequency)


Some exercise but not too much can reduce the pain! (Ahh--ooh whats the bloody pint?! Lol)

Big challenge to change their routines to allow for symptoms. Tempting to try and do it all but problems to this come on much later on. (or DON'T, eh mother?!)

Break tasks up into smaller units (but then you fnd out that time itself is against you, lol Stephen Hawking we need to be able to frezze moments in time! Lets do a brain storming session, I do theory you do the math!)

You have to maintain a good mental health as much as a good physical one too.

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