Friday, 27 December 2013


Well I an rather annoyed with myself over this one!

With a little bit of thinking a little further forward I would have realised that Doctors might decide to flee the UK to countries where they wiki not be used for screwing the public.

This report in the link states that GPs are fleeing for Australia? Seems a bit odd that Australia is the only country mentioned. It is a bit far away after all.

Just seems to new that there would be greater numbers going to countries alot closer to home. Though I use they term 'home' very loosely. After all I have nothing currently in the way of finances and would like to be anywhere but here.

I think that with the pressure I will exert on them in 2014 this is likely to get a great deal worse. Likely to affect more public services than the NHS too. Though many sure not as highly paid as Doctors so not so easy.

Growing exodus of A&E doctors to Australia adds to strain on NHS -

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