Tuesday, 10 December 2013


What is it that makes us who we are?

The answer to this is quite complicated and intricate in reality but can be summed up into a very short answer. Our parentinging and our life experiences would be the shortest method but it is not that simple.

I myself have had one nightame after another over a period of thirty years or more and anyone single event could have spelled the end for most others far more timid than myself. Survival of the fittest they might argue while I say no! Survival for the most dishonest is much more apt.

That being said my own experiences could have led me into a completely different direction as despite what some may want to label me I could have ended up a far more worrying figure. I could have set out long ago on the path to be an evil genius and completely amoral in my endeavours. I have a unique set of skills that could quite easily have had me achive most people's wildest dreams. From my prowess with computers and gadgetry to that with martial arts. Combine this with my intellect and my wisdom and things could have been very different indeed. Despite other things I may have omitted as I prefer to worl off the top of my head there is one last thing of vital importance...

My devil may care attitude!

But alas I am not this way inclined, as some have been finding out these recent years both online and off it.

My posts may seem like the ramblings of someone who is only here for the benefit of either benefit claimants or disabled people, or even someone with an agenda that is amoral. But not so.

Firstly whaty affects me affects everyone and mostly those that are low paid as they are having a difficult time. Those that cannot afford private health care depend on the NHS and Welfare System in the event that things may go wrong. They may have a partner, a partner who themselves are disabled and a whole family with a large number of children. Too late to start complaining about women with 8 to 12 children all paid for by the taxpayer, that door was shut years ago and the horse was clean heeled over the horizon long before. You cannot do aything about it so stop wasting your time pointing fingers. Defend them? No. I was stating many, MANY years ago this was wroong, as the mother of my daughter as the same attitude, but that was then and this is now. It does take time and money to bark up the wrong tree and if so the other tree may fall while your wasting your time. As someone once said to me it is not rocket science.

I simply believe in things being fair.

Things have not been fair for a long, long time and have just gotten progressively worse. Allowed to do so by a long procession of politicians that think misleading the public is what is best for them. All the while allowing the hole to become ever deeper and deeper until you cannot see the top anymore and the light of day is clean out of sight.

Now they want everyone else to pay.

How do they do it?

By turning different factions upon each other and the process continues apace...until next time.

Those in power or in charge of organisation just have another politician waiting in the wings who thinks themselves smarter than the person before them, cocky and abrasive and then when it is going wrong looks for the tiniest morsels so they can crow from the rooftops. Oh, hello Mr Osborne?! Lol!

The truth is we are all given the impression, set out as examples that have gone on for many a year, that dishonesty is the way to go. This starts from higher echolons of business and when this is put to anyone of that ilk the statement given in defence is, well that is business for you. No.

This farcical comedy of errors has spread like wildfire based on an ever growing greed for money and to have a bigger stick than the other guy. My country is not alone in not playing fair. It is also going to get a lot worse.

Energy has become a sought after commodity in recent years and as such has become an expensive one. The sea bed up at the Arctic Circle has become a focus point in recent times. Much of the energy in the UK is imported and I have little doubt that the vast majority of this comes in from Russia. But the claims have been that energy wholesale prices are rising suggesting that Russia is being greedy with everyone else, we know they were with the Ukraine (I think it was). They obviously have more than enough as they are able to supply a great many other nations with their energy in different forms. So whay are they scrabbling around in the Arctic to find more and shouting they own the sea bed up there? Enough to have Canada worried and trying to now lay claim to their own region in case Russia starts stealing other nations energy to only go and charge them through the nose prices for it?!

Perhaps it turns out that Russia have seen a way of defeating the west and making a huige profit at the same time? Perhaps they have acted like the good samaritan when it comes to oil and gas so that once evryone thought Russia was now nice and depended on them they would earn a great deal of money while bringing the societies of other countries to their knees?

I have hinted at this possibility in the past by stating that those importing the energy and allowing it to climb as it is have absolutely no balls to stand up to those holding us to ransom. If true it is not nice and quite worrying. Added to this it is not like the people of Russia are benefiting from it, quite the opposite in fact. Those individuals that do and once rich enough seem to end up in a foreign land owning a sports team.

There is but one cake and it needs to be sliced up a lot fairer than it has. Put simply it matters not how much cash you have as there is just one or very few of you. Those that you make suffer are vast in number and combined are a force to be reckoned with and if nothing else history has taught as that. It also taught us that the further these masses are pushed the worse the backlash is when it comes.

But no, why worry? After all your smarter than the last guy are you not?

I wonder sometimes at the ability of human beings to learn. I wonder how anyone can be so naïve as to think that they cannot ever be reached. I wonder at the levels of stupidity.

It seems to be that as time continues its journey onwards that the number of countries with rumblings in the ranks seems to gradually grow? I also wonder how many are not being reported on?

I have also been seeing a great deal of really bad and extremely cold weather spreading about the globe! The UK seems to be in a position of uniquely warm weather currently and a thousand miles in either a west or east direction and the temperatures suddenly plummet. Now there are rumblings that some serious weather systems may soon be at our shores. In as little as ten days too?! There are also reports that record breaking winds combined with record breaking low temperatures for the UK and this combined with the fact that many peopole have been bullied and badgered by the energy companies into having PRE payment meters installed is somewhat worrying.

Make no mistake here if the wather turns out to be as bad as they are reporting there will be no one to go out in an emergency to homes suffering from the cold. I predict that unless these tossers sort themselves out a great many people will die. This will leave all their friends and their families extremely bitter and angry towards the government and energy companies.

Throught out my life the number 13has come up a great deal and I did used to think that maybe 2013 would be lucky for me and this blog. But in all honesty I would struggle to say that any of the occurences of that number could even be the slightest bit lucky. Now it turns out that there year was a real slog for me for a whole number of reasons and the blogs did not produce the benefits that I thought.

But now as 2013 nears its end it appears that this slow with the blogs is also looking to about to become productive at long last and very early in 2014 will how this to be true. So maybe that number was indeed one of bad luck after all? Still I managed to do a great deal during that year and provide so very much to all those that visit. Plus I like to think that I helped a lot of people too, though I could not begin to guess at the numbers.

I believe that those that see the truth before any other benefits would release a great deal of stress.

So in the very least I think I may have relieved a lot of people from a great deal of stress.

Besides that it is not quite over, not by a long way but I do believe I am half-way there and for all I know it could continue on for a very long time to come. Just maybe a little less frequency in posting, lol.

As for me I have been waiting to be able to do a number of things but there is something I will do in the next few weeks and that is finally put a lid on one are of corruption with the best data yet. The NHS and the DWP and the lies and conspiring to cheat innocent people and leave them in limbo or even for dead. I said fro, the start I would see this through to the end and I will, thought these 'ends' will be a little disjointed and some 'ends' will lead to others.

I also said that the revelations and the consequences for those involved will be quite brutal, figuratively speaking. This is quite simply unavoidable and if they thought it would end any other way then they are more deluded and brain dead that even I stated they were. To me it was all common sense and you can fool only some people and for some of the time.

That parliamentary committee Iain Duncan-Smith faced was the least of his worries. Even if he is not aware of it just yet it will not be long now before he does at a guess. You simply cannot escape mathematical laws combined with human nature I am afraid. But then they fired all those that could have told them this.

February is when my birthday is and I strongly suspect that this one is going to be the best ever? Or it could be the worst, rather depends on how bad the predicted freeze is?

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