Monday, 23 December 2013


A little odd this one.

I mean yes it us great and at last the great man got his pardon and a royal one at that. But it really will not matter either way to him. I am sure he would agree too.

However it does occur to me that there are likely others who are still waiting. Some may even still be alive?!

I must stress that I am not gay in any shape our form and this may will have been a disappointment to some ex friends? Lol! I might but like to see it either, yes I am one of those and cannot help it, but what happened to this man was horrendous and morally wrong.

In other words it was long overdue.

No one....oh OK almost no one deserves to be tested the way he was. Despite the horrors he endured being illegal today the fact remains that people are treated like crap. Out just seems to move around to who gets the ill treatment gun?

Immoral is immoral and our matters but what fourth it is in. In fact I would argue that the way prior are treated now is worse than previous as it has moved from physical, or more obvious, to mental pain and pressure, our more stealthy.

What I have found is that metal stress and punishment is far worse than physical pain.

After all you can read on here about how I have been in all sorts of pain over the years from being got by a car to bodily pains so great that I pass out after going through a weird cold sweat. The fact of the matter is ROI much physical pain asks you shut down as a safety measure I guess.

I am yet to come across anything that exists for mental stress and torture. It us a simple as that. It is also and in my mind a crime against humanity to abuse this. I do also believe that this cannot and will not last forever. Most certainly true if I have anything to day about it.

This may be taken by some factions who may feel they can abuse this to impress their way of life upon others but, NO!

You see wrong is wrong and evil is evil and no amount of wrapping it all up in some twisted religious belief will change that.

Yes my western society is corrupt and the pubic are naive to this our doing anything about it. But this does not mean that you can take lives and destroy dozens more in the process.

After all here in the UK we protect animals and have laws protecting them. Even if this is abused and played on by certain...oh bugger it the RSPCA.

How many societies go that extra mike to protect animals? Not many. Yes it is true that had I been a dog I would have been treated far better and fast more humanely too. But just because we have corrupt and greedy power hungry incompetent morons in power it does not therefore mean the rest of us are the same! Lol.

I had a lesbian friend along with all her friends. Do not see them now but they are an OK bunch. Oddly they refer to straight people as scum regardless of sex and they used to forget I was in the room. They used to find that very embarrassing while I found it quite amusing, lol.

No doubt they had reason linked to their histories either personally our to others they know why they took that outlook and name calling. But then these kinds of things are obvious to me so I for one do but take it personally. This is because I know it is not directed straight at be. It is just their release our way of coping with the fact that certain unpleasant memories may bubble to the surface.

I am often sad to see Stephen Fry troubled and feel sorry sure such an interesting and fifteen guy would suffer bipolar along with why personal demons that although vary afflict one and all of us.

You see despite what anyone may think about me on here possibly housing, I say stop and NO.

I am not perfect and far from it. But I simply refuse to get dragged down into the mire.

Regarded at what us thrown at be I will still attempt to do the right and honourable thing no matter what. All I an doing here is extracting justice upon those that abuse both their position and the British people.

At the end if the day everyone had their demons, myself included. But it us how you deal with these demons and how you let them affect you're fellow man that you will be judged.

Unfortunately this will not mean anything to those in power and in government. Why? Well I am pretty sure they are Satanists and Satan worshipers and likely WANT to go to after treating a load of good and innocent people like shit. Lol.

For those that have not worked it out these philosophical meanderings are taking place at 7.26AM as just like I stated previously I have been having more trouble the lady few days and therefore includes my sleeping. I have slept, thankfully. But I did not get to sleep until give 3AM and been awake over thirty minutes. Still, at least it is something.

All pieces to the jigsaw...all very relevant pieces...

Second World War code-breaker Alan Turing pardoned for gay conviction -

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