Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Yes and this will be an absolute sham and mere dressing to appease the flocks of sheep yet to wake up?

The lambs have been in limbo for years will be wondering what to make of all this. Because they have been sleep walking for decades now and the journalists have missed soo much over the years no one knows what to believe.

Not can they keep up because the Wolves are lining up, up the garden path while the government now stands behind all with the proverbial whip to keep them working and too busy to think.

Those growing numbers that are poor our our of work have been silenced by the lack of legal aid. While all the Ombudsman work in cahoots to help those they are paid to keep in check. Stop the GPs from diagnosing, referring and fishtails from doing scans then the NHS, DWP and the Local Councils can all screw the public. Or sheep, lol.

Do not forget the Police themselves of course! Lol.

MI5 leaves MPs in limbo over spy chief hearing -

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