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Well I have got a little further in the book I referred to in the last post titled PLANTAR FASCIA & FIBROMYALGIA.

Only this time I have gotten into a number of pages that king of had my jaw dragging about on the for with shock!

Those that have read the relative posts will know that I have argued with Doctors for years regarding their diagnosis of Plantar fasciitis. Despite them being close to the genuine article they failed to win the cigar, based on a very simple fact. A simple fact that arrogant health professional after arrogant health professional failed to do including that biased cow at the DWP tribunal who was obviously acting on behalf if the DWP and not the public, not in my case.

It should be noted by the readers if they have this dirt off thing imminent or have Bern through it that you have to disregard your own experiences if your condition is quite obvious and cannot be swept under the carpet.

Also remember that the DWP contradicts every single Local Council when it comes to qualifying for help. This is called...


1) According to the DWP and support is down to the amount of CARE you need... so someone with Type 2 Diabetes can do a full time job and get over £200 per week, Blue Badges, Freedom Passes and a hissy of other things besides, while someone who has enough trouble getting down the road gets jack shit.

2) According to Local Councils it is the exact opposite and so government offices actually contradict themselves. It is purely down to the DIAGNOSIS?!

So you see the British Government and it's public office is not only corrupt, does not give a shit about people and carrying out crimes against humanity on a daily basis it is absolutely incompetent at being corrupt.

It is so fecking obvious it is not true and I have done s pretty good job at making it obvious to spot... oddly though the one industry that have should have spitted this all along is the one industry passing out large salaries to do so! Journalists and the News Media! Here is the list that I if I was a journalist would be ashamed to read...

1) They should have picked up on this
2) They should continually refuse to speak to politicians saying that they just lie all three time.
3) That even being provided dozens of gigabytes of data I have manned to write a blog on several things they have still not managed to cover
4) They have managed to cover many things that I have covered here long AFTER I got my evidence and aired my views on here

But maybe that is just me. Maybe because they just assume that everyone owns and watches TV that they will just believe any old crap that appears or is said on it?!

Well the TV License people DO ASSUME that every property houses a TV, this much had been obvious to me in recent years due to their own lies, tricks and bullshit?

Still it matters not to me as it is not me making myself look like a puppet and complete fool more and more as the time goes on, Lol?

The same goes for anyone else who had s problem with acknowledgement and wants to claim credit for things done by other people! That one is completely hilarious. It is as if I was not even protested for that eventuality.

Their are a number of offices and industries that every single society should be able to rely on and trust. In recent times it had turned out that the truth is quite the opposite, very sadly so. In fact many of the things I have seen and heard have been a real let down and bummer for me. It makes an absolute mockery of the entire legal system. That exists to establish and encourage people to act with morals.

This applies to all people! Not just the poor and low paid. All people and being rich dies not mean you have different genetics or blood to anyone else. It also does not make you smarter than anyone else.

I hope to destroy the myth that seems to exist which suggests that high society and government seem to think that claimants, disabled and low paid people are stupid and do not possess the intelligence to work out when they are bullshitting or up to no good.

I for one am entirely feed up with preconceptions that are all misconceptions and in my case being constantly underestimated despite being called a genius by many. I always refer to this label of genius because the real truth of it is quite the opposite...

Several industries that called me that after discovering what I achieved and what I possessed then went and tried to manipulate me and led to me repeatedly. One left me in the dark and I warned them what would happen. Several of them even used my hard work, someone disabled and had injustices against him, and claim lots of credit for it. They declared me 'a genius' then claimed all my hard work as their own and even used it as an excuse when they got caught doing illegal things?!

The very idea that they actually thought that they could all get away with it was utterly insulting. Of course I knew from day one... no day ZERO that this was a possibility. So I prepared for it.

I was prepared for all of it and that culminated in the eventual creation of this blog. Once all was done there were two industries left and one was the New Media and the other Courts. I had long since known that the legal system was fucked and biased and gradually being destroyed beyond all recognition and still taking place.

Now solicitors are happy being paid by large corporations over things that are completely laughable and embarrassing and using facts that are not relatable to real life at all. Or they are all there to act on behalf of the large public offices and that recent events and revelations should show everyone what is obvious.

Not only had it all been destroyed and become biased but it is now obviously unfair and partly why we are in this mess we find ourselves in.

I was in a bargain book shop the other day and I spotted a book where the title made me look twice and I had to read it twice too! It was called something like...

Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Just Shit? Volumes 1 & 2


It was written by two guys and do not know whether it was American authors do referring to America or British authors and referring to the UK?

But there is only one way things can be changed for the better and that is to change the things that are wrong. It is not an answer to simply wait until it all blows over. Because next time, provided we make it that far, it will be worse and last for longer. Remember we are not out of it yet and no one can predict when it will be.

It is in my best interests if it were to be over as like everyone else working their butts off I would make much more money than I had this last year. I will make far more money in 2014 than I will do if the recession they say no longer exists really did pick up and bigger off. I know a fair few people who would dearly love to see the back of it too.

Consider who will it affect next time... you, your kids, your grandchildren? That is what I think about! For me it will not be of concern as it will not effect me. By the time it come around I will be dead, to old or financially OK and therefore do will my daughter and grandchildren.

For you see that as well as trying to help everyone else, desire getting frustrated about it from time to time, I am still trying to help my daughter and my two grandchildren.

I still feel they need guidance for sometime to come, however I have become one reluctant to give it for the obvious drawbacks, difficulties and complete lack of thanks, appreciation and gratitude. Still.

Bit here on this blog I do not have to expect it! My posts were always going to be appreciated three years or mite beyond writing them and by then I would be doing very different things.

To those that would want to than me at any point I would simply say


Just like I than those that are polite, that do make way for a man with a stick. But I also give up my own seat for others especially the elderly. I also help others and sometimes stop even for cars turning a corner and wave then through. Or the surprised look on the faces of drivers when I wave and bid at them for stopping at a zebra crossing.

For I am polite to all that are considerate and all that deserve it. I like the looks of shock and  puzzlement I get when I do. I have been like this for all my life and airways thought it would rub off and become infectious. Sadly it never did. Either I watched to many movies or people are just to rude or to miserable.

Hopefully it will start to become clearer now why I get frustrated and angry with people or groups. Evey day for twenty years I make a concerted and often painful effort to be polite and treat my fellow man with respect. But I have not received that to which I have long since provided to others. Even though they are paid for it and write handsomely too. I, on the other hand, am not.

So for those that have acted or spoken to reactively... you see there is assists a reason for everything I do as well as everything I say. With me you have to understand that all roads lead to Rome. I just never let on and not in so public a place just which direction I am coming from!

After all of you are someone in need of hero and guidance on any of the issues I have covered our just seeking the solace that you are not alone I do have to point out this...

This that would as well as HAVE do and done injustices to us also read this big looking and hoping they will know what my next step is. Yes to you that continues to underestimate me, it was plainly obvious that a great many ties of people would visit here looking for snippets of information I was well aware of this possibility.

So no, sorry I was not going to hand you anything on a plate not was I just going to have everything linked in one place so you could check everything either.

It had been 16 months since I started this particular blog and around mid February it will be 18 months and August it will be two years. By the time that two year period had been reached this blog and all my other blogs on here would have all been elevated and had work done on them to a much loftier position that they currently are.

The last few revelations along with several more gigabytes of recorded data, scanned documents and court battles and our appearances will finally out the last pieces of the jigsaw into place. Completely the overall picture and leaving nearly all with little doubt as to the realities that go on in British Society.

What goes in within the societies of other nations and what is classed as crimes against humanity, injustices towards their own people I could not possibly comment. Nor would it be right for me to do so.

I would like to think that there is a country out there somewhere which is free from corruption.

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