Thursday, 26 December 2013


Well after the current and umpteenth report if yet another battle between Apple and Samsung I now read another particularly interesting report.

This states that a compact called Rockstar had been trading, pardon the pun, blows with Google.

Now this was somewhat confusing as when I saw the Rockstar name I immediately thought of the Grand Theft Auto series games. But Rockstar is a company, now stay with me on this, that seems rio have been set up by Apple, Blackberry (sounds mad? Gets better!) and Microsoft?!

Now this appears to have taken place to buy a company called Nortel. Reading between the lines and as much as it sounds complete bonkers this seems to have been rio grab holds of the intellectual rights of certain...technologies?! So these three did but create them but acted together to get the ownership, do you follow?

Except the company went bust so how come it needed three large companies to buy it?

Odd is it not don't you think that these three have well been losing sales and therefore money of late? They have all remained greedy despite releasing utter tosh for sale but now wasn't to sue everyone they can for copying things they never created?!

Well reading between the lines as best I can that is how it appears.

But still copying is STILL copying st the end of the day. So this then lends me another tool to point out to people just how cut off from reality these guys all are.

A large company copies something and spook they receive once found out is a also in the wrist and a fine normally risking only about 1 percent of their worth! No excuse whatsoever for copying but that is what they get.

Catch a guy on a stall in a market selling copy software and he will have the book thrown at him....fined ten times what he is worth and go to jail. Yet he was probably giving on the breadline and doing it to post his mortgage and keep his family together?!

I am sorry but crime is crime and if you act like this at the top then you are ultimately to blame, no excuses at all here, for giving off the wrong messages to the rest of society that crime is OK as long as you do not get caught and the punishment us not all that anyway!

Both those that act like this along with the bloody bone headed morons in governments that have allowed the legal system to STOP being a legal system and only interested in corporate rip offs are also to blame.

There are no excuses when it comes to anything I post on this blog...for I an but a humble, jobless, penniless, disabled man and yet I predicted this over 7 years ago plus.

You are a bunch of over paid morons more interested in what you can earn over the top of that which the taxpayer pays you by then screwing those that employ you by bending over a barrel in front of these greedy plagiarist companies with your pants around your ankles!

What you see going on within you're countries among the poorest and most unfortunate along with disabled people is a result if what you did. Or indeed what you did not do.

Your answer us to come up behind the taxpayer and stab then in the back to bleed them if even more blood and not the balls to tell us what you're really up to.

Sorry but I think that ANYONE that votes for the big three political parties are either blind, naive or outright bloody stupid.

Regardless of what is said we have been in a downward incline for twenty years and we just keep going down. It humid up a bit for a while but only briefly before it just carries on it's journey ever downward.

It is a shame, and I think criminal and tragic, that your forced to live under such a corrupt series of governments you never once voted for among a society of people that appear mostly naive.

I hope that when the next election comes around I am proved very wrong on that very last statement?! Lol.

Unfortunately my life trend to lean more towards disappointments than it does inspiration and pride these days.

Though I am hoping to change that thought the entire year if 2014.

It is only a hope on that front. All other girls will be achieved but I cannot predict what the majority of a society is going to believe now know what they will do IF they believe.

If only.

Google Fights Rockstar's Android Infringement Claims -

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