Sunday, 29 December 2013


Below is an email I sent to Wirral Social Services.

I have not had any contact from my daughter and I tried to contact her just prior to Christmas and not had a reply.

I had to leave this over Christmas as not speaking to me or wishing me a Merry Chrsitmas over this time would tell me she really is angry with me. Only two things could possibly do that and that in her court battle her mother was eith hospitalized, sectioned you might say, or imprisoned. I pretty much knew that she would have difficulties dealing with that and I would get the blame.

But I had to do what was right becuase no one else, including Wirral Council, would!

Another things is that even despite the bove two things not happening my daughter's two brothers may have been taken off my evil ex and put into care. I would not be forgiven for this either. But I would see it as them being better off in all honesty!

But even so, and maybe she doies not remember, I did not want them in care and did tell her not to worry I would not allow that to happen. I know her brothers and they know me. I have also long since stated this onlione in my blogs that I would be quite happy to take them all on. I would need some help and support obviously and I would need time to adjust. Well I do have a disability and I have loived on my own for so very long now, no matter how much I hate it.

So just in case my daughter's anger is causing her to forget that I would not allow them to eith go into care or not be there for very long I have now emailed the Social Services Department of Wirral Council to find out.

Now this is one of two things I was planning to do, umm I am usre there is others, on the 1st January 2013 so that I could easily remember the date. Yes OK so it was a few days early but I will still stick with the 1st January date.


Right then...
Would you please tell me the outcome of the court battle please regarding my grandchildren and my daughter?
I fully expected that the outcome of any court battle may have serious repurcussions for Sylvia Gilbert, Sophie's mother, by way of hospital care and possibly prison. I also expected that if this did occur I may not be...forgiven.
Now despite the chance that you are able to use this fact against me and Sophie I would like to point out that this has not really worked out for you previously. This will not in the future and if front line staff got into serious bother through tyhe court tyhis was over ignorance and your immediate bosses of the upper hierarchy are to blame.
I would also now warn you that I have had a webpage, a blog to be precise. You are merely one and a little one at that of a whole list of organisations both public and private I have gone up against. These number into many dozens too and some would surprise you. A backbench MP, bizarrely not far from The WIrral, and his Baroness wife found my little webpage back in January 2013 and emailed me requesting if they can use my data in the House of Commons and to give to various News Media. I said he could knock himself out.
I also once told your staff, previous or predeccessors, that NOT hearing from me is not a good thing and is quite the opposite in fact. I am also aware that you discovered that I had been recording meetings too and trust me when I say your not the only ones, not by a long shot. I have the Police too and many others besides and have outright proof of corruption even to the extent of falsifying medical tests and records.
You might note that many public offices have been of focus to the media in recent times? Well I sent off four DVDs of evidence to them two years ago and they have been gleaning information and data off my site even since. Naughty, naughty!
You might be interested to know that I have 100,000 visitors thereabouts and when last I looked this was rising by 2,000 per week. That weekly rise itself rises ever higher too. You can imagine how these figures will now become humumngous during and throughout 2014? Also some of my data, videos and recordings are available freely onle to all, just o make sure that visitors, just as a certain barrister involving my daughter realised nearly twenty years ago, that I stick strictly to the facts and tell the truth.
That is how I always win, no matter how long it takes me.
Now if it is not too much trouble I would like to know if my daughter is together with her children?
I would also like to know if she has been compensated for the lies and conspiracies that your office forced upon her over the last twenty years?
If you had a Judge favour you this will not be good, I assure you of that. This will go against both you and the Judge if it so turns out that there is any corruption going on.
You really do not want to go into battle with me, not when I am on the verge of being able to hire my own team of solicitors.
So if you don't mind...

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