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Well this in interesting as I did not expect to see anything like this taking place.

This is partly because taking anyone to court who are located overseas is notoriously expensive. A solicitor's husband I used to know once said I would need £75,000 of my own cash to fund it before I could seriously consider the option.

But then it never occurred to me that because they have offices here then of course you could do this weighty the huge possible costs. Thus is the second time in the last few months of people, as supposed to companies, taking Microsoft to court. The last time a small group of Spanish IT chaps over the fact the Microsoft quite deliberately coded Windows 8, also applies to Windows 7 see my video on YouTube, so that it REFUSED to install if it discovered a Linux OS (operating system like Windows) in the vicinity. However not only did it scan for it without telling you it also lies to you regarding the reason it cannot install. I do not know what Windows 8 tells you but Windows 7 tells you there is no compatible hard disk available to install. Oddly enough there WAS plus it was to be installed on a newly formatted hard disk separate from that which Linux was installed on! It failed to install several times with the same message. Guessing the problem I removed door on laptop underside where the Linux hard disk was located and set up the camera. I started filming, attempted to install Windows 7 which it failed to do and without paying the camera I turned the laptop over, popped out the SATA lead to Linux drive. Turned laptop back over attempted to install Windows again and hey presto, my invisible hard drive magically reappears!

Considering that Windows costs money and Linux dies not this is a terrible practice and attitude to adopt. The fact that it is vastly expensive to buy Windows and they programmed it to do this and lure to you is a complete piss take off their customers.

So forgive me Microsoft but your statements about being 'forced' to spy on your customers as utter codswallop. This sudden urge to campaign for tighter laws is only to deceive your customer base too. So many companies just cannot help themselves but lie these days! It is like taking part in some TV series or film about an apparent utopian future which is based on control. Some people really do believe they are of some higher calling than the rest of us. No wonder those with fragile minds believe that countries or the planet is run by Reptilian like being masquerading as humans! They do behave like they are of a more advanced species than we. Yeah... about that... not from what I have seen and heard your not, quite the opposite in fact.

Dumb arses!

I do not keep track of these things as I should, never have the time out energy to chase them down. Instead I rely on a couple of apps that fed major news stories from around the globe and in particular fields and subjects of my choosing to my devices. These are first off Pulse and secondly Flipboard. Oddly these work and behave very differently depending on devices and operating system version. I use Flipboard more on my tablet and Pulse on my phone. Flipboard works really badly on the phone and Pulse but so well on the tablet. Everything works like crap on Apple's iOS, unfortunately.

Before fanboys start harping like beleaguered Beagles on heat I am sorry but crap home screen, no widgets and the back button is in the top left corner making single handed navigation a pain in the rear. Apple device has now been relegated to being not used at all. Not even music add charting with my brother and trying out headphones I realised that by giving music listening duties to the Apple instead of the Sony Walkman and Fiio Mobile Amplifier/DAC I lost quite a but of audio quality.

Note there are some very good reasons why Apple odd losing ground, not fire being copied when the only possible thing they could have created on their phones is the Accelerometer, or Gyroscope, albeit it only an electronic version. But then that would be like Google suing everyone for hosting blogs because they bought the original blog host. Well IF they did that is. Well they might have done I just do not know. Oddly I hated the sound of blogs when they first appeared and could not see myself hiding my own blog in a million years.

Was about eight or ten in reality! Lol.

Microsoft have also screwed up at the worst time to with Windows 8 and all because of Valve, people behind the Half Life games. They have created their own operating system based on Linux and called Steam OS. The worst time because Linux versions have been many over the years and ranged from bloody awful to just awful. Despite what fanatics may tell you. After all, all versions are free and have been fur over ten years. But they have never threatened Windows in all that time. Despite what some native idiot stated on one of my Ubuntu videos on YouTube.

If you want to spend your time endlessly tinkering to get your PC working better, working faster or just plain working then fine. But those that praise an OS when much of the time it dies not just install correctly first, second or third attempt plus are....just wrong fit want of a better and quite derogatory term, Lol.

An OS should just work... THE END. If you then want to endlessly fool around with optimising and settings among other things then great.

An OS should also be able to play or run at least half of the software you run on Windows. It dies not and yet there is an even older running OS which is also inexpensive that does and also based on Unix. You don't know of one? Why is Apple's OS X.

Oddly enough if Steam OS does not blow us all away I may have to end up with a rotten apple?! Brrrrr!

Still I give Apple their due, they do make some very nice laptops and screens. Even if all there gear is stupidly expensive.

Briton sues Microsoft over NSA data spying | Security | News | PC Pro -

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