Sunday, 8 December 2013


Previously some of my visitors here know that I have had a conundrum as far as these blogs are concerned. Many recent visitors will know that it turned out there was something up with my blogs that I was completely unaware of and had affected them for at least four months?

Theye were inundated with far, FAR too many adverts as a damned pop-up blocker was hiding them from me. With the help of someone nice on a forum that quite correctly guessed the fault I then corrected it across my dozen blogs and lo and behold the earning started to move again after being frozen in stasis for several months!

This was great but what I was also I was totally unaware of is that less than to wqeeks later I was to go and spot something else. Something with a far greater impact on the rising earnings than the previous problem ever could. Far greater!

The coount screen provided by Google for the earnings has been redesigned at some point in the three months I had got fed up with logging numbers. I had long complained that these numbers were com-letely ueless and only served to leave bloggers not knowing whether they were coming or going. Then just yesterday afternoon I was looking at the new screen when something happened.

I was looking over the new design wondering if it was helping in any way at all and could not see it. In the bottom left hand corner where was a large number '9' the screen and layout was less cluttered and arranged differently. Much of the data was also of a lrger font size too! As I scanned around I kept looking back at that number nine and I started to stare at the words that described what the number represented. It stated 'Visitors'. I scanned around again at other things and I was then drawn back to that number '9' and the description of 'Visitors'. This was for that particular day, or yesterday, and it was only 4PM when suddenly as I looked away again I thought 'hang on a bloody minute! That is not RIGHT!!'

Despite this being only 16 hours of visitors I realised that number could not be correct?! I get more than that from just one blog alone...A LOT MORE!

I then went into the blog setup screens and took a look at the overview for each blog. I had a brother here at the house at the time so was only half concentrating. I looked at the 24 hour period for several blogs when I turned to him, him being a little defeatist about many things I do, and said 'oh crap! I have been missing a lot of earnings and I think I just found out why. I then explained about the earnings screen telling me I had those 9 visitors and he said 'what is wrong with that?'. I then explained that my most popular blog was telling me that I had in fact 157 visitors for that exact same period!! He then asked me how much I had earned since I corrected the advert errors and I explained that it had gone up by £2.50, then gone down by around £1 but had now appeared to gone up by another £2! So quite literally it read £12.00+ then £15+ then £14+ and was not stating £16+! He said so basically if you have got £4.00 for those 9 visitors a day that it should be a lot more because it has not been registering your 157 per day? I said 'yup'. He said 'oh!' probably now realising that this idea of mine many thought doomed for failure was alreaqdy succesful but some error had stopped me from being able to show people.

I said I would have to look at it again closeley to see what was going on but that it was damned annoying is it appears to be deliberately made to look complicated when really it should not be.

I am about to do JUST THAT!

The odd thing is I have also sorted out my GP problem and during that time I was running around putting things right something occurred and it is something quite revealing. I have also recorded this but I will NOT be putting this particular recording up on here. I will explain what happened thought and what was said and the weekend of December 8th 2013 I will ad up the details but it is regards the NHS and fairly damning in my opnion and I will not be wrong in this instance.

Now as I have sorted out that problem I am to see the new GP and the subject of Fibromyalgia has been put forward. I also will be requesting a referall to a specialist and talking about the medication I am currently on, Amitriptyline, and whether to up the dosage or switch to Pregabalin?

So these are two journeys regarding my blogs and the health conondrum both of which I have been working on an extremely long time. These are both now a few months away from merging and nearing their ends of many of the goals set out. Not over just reaching the ends of many of the goals set out for them to achieve. Goals I had set out to try and achieve over a decade ago.

Now the very bizarre thing about these two is that they are intricately linked to a great many other things I have been workng hard to change. So these two nearing their completion and allowing a great many ghosts to rest will also set a number of other journeys on their way to their inevitible destinations. A bizarre set of circumstances when my philosophy has always been that it is the journey that is important and not the destination.

It is this very philosophy that I adopted when I thought about hiring a solicitor to take the government and public offices to court. Many events along the journey will complete the destination for me even if it is not me that reaches that destination but some one or a group of people that reach it instead.

Now if you will excuse me I have some sets of numbers to go and stare at intently.

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