Saturday, 28 December 2013


Would you like to know another per hate I have?

It is version lines used by tossers when the lives of the many have been crushed. At Christmas too.

In Yalding in Kent a villager conducted David Cameron who then appeared rattled according to the report below. This made be smile. I had not heard anything about him being rattled by this and yet to familiarise myself with everything the villager said to him.

He also made a quote at the time which made steak come from my ears and see red. It such an utterly moronic thing to say when he said...

"The important thing if that we learn from our mistakes."

Learn? Did he really actually say the word 'learn' and 'from our mistakes too'?

First off his mistake is his education,, as common sense seems but to be on the agenda.

Secondly when organisations and public offices fail to mobilise to help the people they are paid to serve then you have a serious problem! You simply cannot learn anything if you are that bloody stupid!

I mean they must have been aware of the catastrophe. I refuse to put a question mark at the end of that sentence! You have tabloids, radio, TV asking with people phoning to request help. Surely the emergency services would have informed them too?!

I must look up to see if someone posted a fill transcript if what was said as I ask interested to see if she have him a hard time.

Still less then the idiot deserves, lol.

UK weather: Yalding villagers cut off by flood confront David Cameron - Home News - UK - The Independent -

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