Tuesday, 24 December 2013



I must admit to expecting to hear of what I am about to tell you. In fact I refer to it many times our more correctly insinuate to it.

Basically I find it impossible to believe that all the major IT players imbibed in spying were NOT taking money for it. So I see everything they say as absolute bull and just flannel designed to confuse and muddy the waters. Nothing will change my opinion of this. I also fully expected that at some point the proof to this will start to emerge...

Only not even I could have foreseen just where the first if these will originate from?!

Security firm RSA, never heard of admittedly, took money to leave their products vulnerable to being hacked?!

Now I do not know if RSA is a parent company to any of the known Anti Virus firms and firewalls, like Panda, AVG, Zone Alarm, Norton our even the company responsible for Windows Firewall? Stranger things have been true in the distant past. But if they are responsible for a household name in software protection I wool go as far as saying that this will really luck off in a big way.

The trouble is here is that people pay money for services. However their is a dreadful attitude in recent times that big companies seen to think they have a God given right to you're money even if you are not interested in their wares!

I see this all the time on Google Play, Amazon within various apps, constant other and trickery to ask for a monthly fee, without realising they screw themselves to as there are just fast took many monthly fees. These days you do but even get close to a finished product when you hand over you're hard earned cash.

Admittedly this attitude and approach started with computers and IT and has spread like an air born virus into other industries.

I personally find the attitude of some managing directors as shockingly off kilter and bi where near being in anything resembling an orbit if planet earth.

This society of idiots have just been rising the crest if a wave of gravy for a very long time. Now they have found themselves washed yup in the beach of a strange land where everyone speaks a strange language they do not understand.

Will be somewhat interesting to see where this goes.

RSA denies $10m NSA contract to backdoor products - http://pulse.me/s/Ig65a

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