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Well asking with the previous books I have read and posted second of on here I currently have two more!

One of these is purely regarding that very thing we do that I have been told to work out a better one for myself for each of the following...

1) Heartburn
2) Vomiting
3) Haemorrhoids
4) My cholesterol levels being always over threshold

Umm probably others too? But as you have probably guessed this is to do with food and therefore ones diet.

Considering that preparing food and housework in general is extremely difficult for me to do and have to work three times harder to do anything that is asking somewhat to much. Especially when the UK Government which is currently the Conservatives but also previously done by the Labour Party, they have decided not to accept people with disabilities as needing any more help than the average person and and to perform the same tasks in exactly the same way too?!

Morons and evil minions run the UK and write how anyone wants to come here is beyond me! Oh yes I just remembered it is because foreign born people get everything and treated way better than British born people so that British can be pushed beyond the limits of their patience and do what the government do not want to. This way they get away with it with no prison sentence while Brits are labeled as animals and racist murderers and therefore deserve to be tested even worse than they did previously?! Lol!

Well that is what they were planning for but it is not what they are going to get.

You see actually telling the nation, or as many people as you can, that there will be a racist war, civil war and blood on the streets and the reasons why...actually prevents this from taking place?! Well with any luck, Lol.

It never was about me and I have given out this clue from day one and trustfully from time to time. It is the journey that is important and not the destination. Hmm I believe I probably starred this a free time too, well I DO HAVE short term memory problems, you know?! Lol!.

Anyway I digress. The point of this particular post was to highlight two particular things regarding Fibromyalgia.

First up was the one thing left, that I can recall, that has not verb previously linked to Fibromyalgia and I now going has.

Secondly a part came regarding the very diagnosis I have been given since the very early days being DIRECTLY LINKED to Fibromyalgia!

Rather interestingly the first if these is my body temperature and dealing with temperature extremes. The second is that many Doctors absolutely insisted and argued for their diagnosis of Plantar fasciitis.

Now here is where it gets interesting...

Both these two were mentioned at the same GP practise within weeks of each other and I argued with several Doctors about both these things!!

It gets better...

Fascia are extremely poorly understood so they all insisted on something they did not understand and it gets better still...

Fascia is the white sheath around muscles that is not only poorly understood but for quite sometime now is the main suspect for the cause of pain in Fibromyalgia!!

I simply could not have written this any better if I had tried!!

Not one GP or health specialist had ever admitted to me to any extent that the fascia was poorly understood. The fact that they argued with me with no basis for their argument whatsoever is absolutely stunningly arrogant that had caused me years of unnecessary pain and a collapse of a great many relationships that WILL NOT go unpunished. That much I can assure you.

What should be of great concern to the NHS and their corrupt individuals, groups and overlords is this...

Despite what I have stated on here this far my current book on the subject is written by a GP! Yes you read that correctly a book by a GP that explains how it works as well as the stupid myths held by Doctors I will render incompetent and should not be in medicine by the time I have finished.

Remember I could not acquire a no win no fee solicitor because I previously one not what my diagnosis is.

Also remember that I have not acquired legal representation because you have no right to it any longer in the UK no matter how obvious it is you are in the right nor how bad you have been treated nor what you have endured.

The sole purpose of this blog is to put an end to this lack of legal right and therefore an attack on the system to defend equal rights!

That will either end in 2014 or at least the very process of it ending would have been forced to start from all the endeavours I have performed.

So a problem with Fascia leads to an overload on the nervous system that itself has experienced trauma or injury which leads to Fibromyalgia!

So easy when you join the dots up!

I am also only one third through this book and have yet another book to get through. I have highlighted many areas within this book and will need to email the author about them. Basically because many are suspicions only and not yet confirmed and one of these is that I mentioned if the fascia's role. But from my very many years of this I know when I was something that they are onto something. The author had been conducting years of research and has a history that mirrors my own, though not sure if she has gone as long as I have without a diagnosis? Lol! But I do need to tell her that she is right there in the ball park thus far. It is almost add if she had intimate knowledge of my history as well as the long list of symptoms I have which she cannot possibly have of course.

When I have been through more of the book I will post a first part on the highlighted areas I have selected. This will likely cover three parts but I have now been able to link every single symptom I have including all the ones I recently had diagnosis of all under the single solitary banner of Fibromyalgia! And boy does it feel good!!

Now I wonder just how long it will be before the family members all actually realise this and mention it?! A month? Six months? A year or two? Lol.

Maybe it will take hearing about this blog on TV before they actually pull their heads out of the sand and realise? Lol. Well everything seems to be TV driven these days due it not? People are more interested in make-believe than they are the teak works which is probably why we are in such a state. Hmm now there is a post title...

TV Soaps killed the environment?! 


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