Saturday, 7 December 2013


It is been a strange day and at a strange point along the timeline of life.

Many an odd statement has been made by politicians still struck by blindness. Or perhaps the reason I'd that they think that we are? It really matters not. The toughest times have now been felt by a great number of people. Some think that by becoming amoral they can rise above the rest by stepping onto their heads add they fall. But the rise is short lived and was always destined to be.

As ever more bizarre weather batters across districts, states and countries and the usual suspects are lined up for waggling fingers. A rare day when I potter about my home trying to do some menial chores my mind wanders. A scene from American Dad about a Mexican Elvis Presley keeps popping into my mind causing me to chuckle. The line is stated by a young Jewish boy called Snot. He hand his friends have attended a Bar Mitzvah of another Jewish lad from a wealthier family. Three of the friends set up the rich Jewish boy to stop acting mature and look childish. Anton, the rich Jewish boy, had stolen the girlfriend of Steve Smith and the plan concocted is revenge for this. There is a clever misdirection that has Anton gong crazy and watching his large pile of presents of presents like a hawk. He has been told someone will steal them and the frustration hits boiling point a few times. It works and he ends up screaming like a demented moron that 'someone is stealing MY PRESENTS!!'

Often I laugh with a friend at how he gets away with some of the jokes, or whether anyone picks up on them? I suppose the truth is obvious as no one goes without have jokes and one liners hurled at them through the shows history.

As always my mind wanders and this time to religion. I wonder how much it takes off the human mind to dedicate to any particular religion? I mean a computer CPU has to start slowing down once it is given an amount of data and the more date the further the slowing gets. What if there was such a being? Would such a being be how a handle full of people perceive him or her to be? That now reminds me of another scene in American Dad where Steve Smith tells a bunch of Arab Muslims that God was a girl because she appeared to him as Angelina Jolie. All was elk until this point when suddenly everyone wanted to hack gin to death and he had to run for his life.

It has a unique way of poking gun at different societies and cultures without excluding anyone. Almost leaving the impression that the first one the cries foul would appear to be using certain politically correct aspects of society to subdue things that they do not accept or cannot tolerate. Or just do not want others to realise certain things about then that everyone likely knows anyway. Genre is not excluded from the joke machine tickling stick either. Particularly funny is when the spoof Star Wars and the first woman to appear in the show since Princess Leigha is pointed out by someone 'look! When have been all over the galaxy and only seen men and here is the first woman and only other woman in the whole galaxy!' Leigha, Lois Griffin, stares intently at her in the distance for a few moments before speaking 'I don't like her!'

I think it commendable and brave to put together shows like American Dad and Family Guy I really do. I also find it strange that while it is so popular it stated out life being on very late at night, well in the UK it did. I guess they were a little worried about any backlash from sections that ended up the butt of any jokes?

So I always end up wondering why people really do want to take so much time, energy and even lives at times because of a deity they have not seen any evidence of? The lengths that people and groups will go to and even the extremely substantial piles of cash that have been spent and still spend on these fruitless pursuits amazed me more than you could know.

I myself have morals and I consider then to be pretty high up in all honesty and I am sure anyone else that knew the truth would agree. I could not start up a book shop selling books on religion... or religions. I would sees myself as a hipocrit to do that and I do not want to be a hipocrit!

This very example runs through the entire vein that is my life. Whatever I do and however I do it I try to stay true. I make an exceptionally concerted effort to do this. So when the word 'reciprocation' is not in sometimes vocabulary and continues in this vein I will warn first and if ignored I will react. The reason is not nice to receive as I will Rio through what they may believe to be true along with their version of reality. I do warn it is down to the receiver to heed said warning, after all is this not the attitude of those that think themselves if loftier positions? Does the government and public offices not talk like this to the public and forgetting who indeed employs them? I merely return the compliments only laced with facts and the truth. Add two and two together and you get four, not five! You cannot change the simple laws of mathematics and physics to suit your own idealised version of reality. Sorry but you can't.

Indeed it is perceptions that lie at the heart of all ills and seems that many exist on the belief of false perceptions. You simply cannot go on faith of something that had never fecked itself, simple. I do not worry about where I will end up when I fall asleep at night so why would I be concerned about where I will be when I die?!

When I think about things like this my mind can quickly reverse back through history and that then asks when the first deity appeared? How many thousands of years can we go back? Of course Christianity guess back a little over 2,000 years but there were idols that existed before them. The ancients had their own deities too with the Romans having Jupiter, Venus and Mars and family and the Greeks had of course Zeus, Apollo, Pan and family. Possibly further back is Ra, Isis and family of Egypt but quite possibly further back still, without looking it up, is those of the Babylonians being Marduk and friends. Here in Britain and predating Christianity we had the figures of Herne and Diana. So you see it could run on for a very long time and the list extensive indeed? Of course it is also littered in the modern day with shows of hypocrisy. Those that believe non believers should die have absolutely no trouble using tools, electronics and other things invented, created and manufactured by this who do not believe. At the same time they also produce previous little, if anything at all, of their own. You cannot recall history either as it is mostly incomplete and large gaps in history are filled in every year, while some previously thought known are re- written. Anything found in excavation sites or archaeological digs cannot be stated as being invented by the people it was found amongst. Trading has existed long before boats were invented and boats alone go back thousands and thousands of years.

Then there is that one question that religious rely on. Who or what wiped out these civilisations? An act of God? No doubt but literally or metaphorically speaking? In recent times we have discovered so much about our own planet that peevishly was only theory bought about by the greatest theorist of them all, Albert Einstein. Crust displacement, loss of magnetic field during a pole swap and if course the comets and asteroid wanderers of the solar system and the Cosmos. We have absolutely no idea of whether there are any signs in a run to to any of these entirely possible events that could alert us. The first obvious example to use is also the easiest and yet we can only cover a small percentage of the possibilities is that of the possible mass destruction or extinction of an impact from space. I would estimate that we are far better at this than any of the others.

I myself had wondered years ago that whether or not the process of ice ages was down to the degree of axis that our planet rotates. The melting of the polar ice caps, I thought, must have an affect on the angle we spin. It may not now but the may be a tipping point I often wondered. Think of spinning a ping pong ball on a table in front of you then drawing on the ball by holding a pencil at the same point as it span. Now get a new ping ping ball, glue something to the top of it that weighs a couple of grammes then retreat the process. Now i will do away with the need to do that for some people that read this, silk the lines be identical? Try different weights both above and below that of the ping pong ball? At which point would the lives merge to be the same?

I have had a lifetime pondering such things, since I was around 7. Some less intricate while others far mire intricate and a great deal deeper than this. Although my time to ask and answer questions had been hampered by morons, idiots, fools and Wolves only interested in money or power without having the faintest idea about what to do with it, how to handle it and the best way to use it I still ask. For better and also for worse is the fact that I never had other distractions in my life. Though I always wanted them. My time alone and single far outstrips that of being in a relationship and the only child I had was only a few months into walking when she disappeared... no was wrenched from my life. This is quite possibly why I am as I am today. I also understand now the reasons I could get so frustrated over some things. Someone once told me that I had far too many questions and should stop and start finding the answers. It was a long time ago now and to begin with I did not get it. I did, however, understand it in time and set out on a very long quest to father them up.

I am still on that quest but I am now nearer the end than I am the beginning. But the journey dies slow the nearer to the end that you get.

But at least that light in the distance now grows in size for took long it remained the same.

I wondered for the longest time if anyone could envision a story that would play out that could create someone's character? To be able to influence then in such a way that they can become changeable and adaptable. That a horrific set of events can force someone into a being of formidable intellect and abilities?

For a long, LONG time I thought not. I was wrong.

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