Sunday, 29 December 2013


Now here is my scanned letter for my upcoming ultrasound test, I wonder if they will falsify the test results to these too?!
As always this is edited with plenty of notes and reminders as well as some theories and predictions too?!
Basically I state that I have got a copy of falsified medical records, lied about ultrasound tests and a lack of doing the necessarry tests which my fourth GP within the same catchment area has NOT failed to do. Also that the immediate retirement of my previous but one GP after seeing my notes, seeing my provate X-Ray and asking me why I have been taking Lansoprazole for so long as these things would be bad for me also makes sense.
When she said "bad for me" she only refers to one part of my biological make up and kidneys of course as the kidneys filter out all thew toxins, or drugs, of whatever you consume. Prescription drugs are toxic to your kidneys just as Ibuprofen is and remember that a conversation I had with a stand in GP, a Doctor Palani and thoroughly nice gentleman, was regarding the fact that he thinks these drugs should not be avaiable to buy.
Of course the fact that the governemnt/Serco/PCTs/NHS (delete where appropriate) have been fecking up the health service for decades now means that you can be legally sold these toxins!!
While Cannabis which IS harmless unless you have an underlying problem that the NHS has not noticed. Hmm I might havbe hit upon the REAL reason that Cannabis might be illegal?!
After all they have been trying very hard NOT to treat people in pain or mental stress by going into denial and lying that it might not be listed by saying incompetent things like my last GP of "many people go their whole lives without knowing what causes their pain". So in other words they lie and then allow the Local Councils and Department of Work and Pensions to save a hell of a lot of money.
Times that by the number of people thay can kick of for whatever lame reason and you have had a lot of people forced into making sacrifices to continue paying for mistakes that they played no part in and get no fecking thanks for it whatsoever and left begging on the streets. I know this because I have witnessed it happend many dozens of times and must have gone on millions of times.
I for one would like to know exactly how much money they have kept back for themselves sincve they started doing this for or five years ago?! The money saving would have got greater as time went on.
Also the Councils have literally been reduced to organisations that do very little and every now and then rewmoving something else they do not do so only collecting council tax to pay themselves!
They do not even pay out Housing Benefit and there is no Council Taz benefit anymore and are turning the thumbscrews on the public for this also.
Hmm that reminds me...I have a court case coming up for that?! Lol.
With my luck they will find out my kidneys will fail and that I probably have th Big 'C'?! Lol, well at least if I do have either of these it will put the last nail into their coffin.

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