Wednesday, 4 December 2013


A very worthy cause me thinks.

Yes I dare say that many people will suffer another Christmas and yes they are bullshitting yet again in the media and government.

It is good that these Food Banks are there but the process to acquire is a little one sided. I tried a couple of times and it was somewhat difficult to achive...go here, get that, go there get that also then turn up with said things and get 3 days of food.

Remember if you want to use these food banks you first need to get a piece of paper of some sort, from GP, local Church (I was told) or Social Worker. Possibly others too I do not remember, lol.

In the meantime any of my petition's I put up it just takes two clicks, this one and the sign the petition button on the next page. They get sent to me and I post them up here.

I still have not heard from NHS England regarding my own GP and this is the first time I have checked my emails in several days so I am pretty appalled at this, so wondering whether to just go down and try to register with one? Which I could be refused and could cause an argument which I have been trying to avoid. You do start to feel as if you are coralled into a corner to be trapped by them, the NHS or anyone else for that matter?

Petition | Parliament: Debate UK hunger and rise in foodbank use #jackspetition |

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