Saturday, 28 December 2013


Imagine getting your new iPod in its box home, opening it up and finding that instead of an iPod or iPhone all the box contained were rubber erasers?


But some might have been quite understandably a little upset. This not only happened to someone but that when the site guy agreed to give him a new one he made him open it up just to check before leaving the store.

More rubber erasers and no iPod!

I kid you not!

It just shows that there are a great deal of tricks being pulled and even I have been victims to a while hissy of tricks and skulduggery. Though with mine the companies were quite obviously in on the scam. This was true of Argos, Littlewoods, Very, Isme and B&Q. Likely others to but I have not had it from PC World/Curry's yet and have now bought at least 5 products thus far and only hiccup was one of three Advent Tetra Note 7 Tablets failed to charge but was changed with no problems.

Darn I forgot to look at the phones and just remembered something else I need to do online, Lol. Bloody Fibro Fog!

You Won't Believe What Was In This iPod Box -

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