Friday, 20 December 2013


Well now will you look at that?

It seems the National Security Agency and the UK equivalent of the Government Communication Headquarters even looked into large and famous online games with two revealed being World Of Warcraft and Second Life?!

There are a huge list of games largely played online from the Battlefield series of games, flight simulators like DCS Black Hawk and Lock On to large Rocha discs games like Eve Online. No doubt these must have all been trawled for potential threats? Quite how I do not know but not hard to guess.

Oddly enough something in the world of First Person Shooters was played by two Arab Radical Muslims I was focusing on few years back. Actually the conversation where I discovered this fact was recorded and sent to GCHQ and MI5. Amusingly the two who played this shooter would take on opposing forces one Arab and one American and would argue about Arabs and Americans at wear with each other.

I would seriously have lived to have heard one of these conversations and recorded them! If I did record any of it, it would have been in Arabic anyway so would not have heard it.

In fact there were a fair few conversations I picked up but did not want to spend forever trying to find someone to translate it. So I just sent it all off to the security services and let them do that.

So really yet another, umpteenth (lost count), subject I was involved in had a news report regarding the exact same thing.

Oddly enough today and before I was aware of this report I was thinking a lot about what I did both POST DVD sets going off to the security services and national tabloid and several TV News networks and pre-DVD sets being sent. I thought it about time I started to think about these DVDs of data and the media and of a post regarding this trio I have had planned for a long time.

Sometimes these things just do have to take a long time. It is how I would want it purely because the longer things go on the more it looks favourable to me and less favourable for all those offices, organisations and recipients of the data I worked so hard to get.

I do prefer when I do pursue these goals that in the end the truth can possibly be seen.

I also prefer that those that state they act in the public's best interest do nothing of the kind! Because this blog is a living breathing example of that which means that it's ever longer existence become ever more of a that to those I attack.

There had been a rife element of theft. An unusually kind of theft and that of benefits and kudos, you might say. But I knew this would be the case before I even started the blog because I had long since seen it so many times. I even see it in the news one example being government and news media groups. It is always very easy to manipulate even the largest of corporations or public offices if you know how they will tract before they do.

Then just keep feeding them rope for week after week, month after month and by August 2014 it will be year after year quite literally. Just as had been done previous to my mass data gathering that elements I had been involved in ended up in the media as I sent odd emails to the media here and there.

It was easy to predict that when I sent of that huge amount I would have to wait several months and then it would seem that a week would not pass by without my specific subjects appearing in the media in one form or another and right across all tabloids and TV News networks.

Yes that was what I was thinking about in between repeated flashes of sharp pains immediately followed with  disappointment that the Amitriptyline has stopped having an effect. In fact not only had it's effect worn off but the returning pain has been greater than it was before starting the pills?! I have pulled up from fishing pains so many times and pulling up sharply or limping I lost count.

If it were not for the fact that I now have a new GP, know that my condition is  Fibromyalgia and that Guy's Hospital has a large department for it I would be stressing out right now to the point of wanting far better anti-depressants than the crap ones I take currently.

That was the evil vicious circle I had been sick in for a dozen years that the dozens of idiot health professionals and an evil PRIMARY CARE TRUST or three tried so hard to keep secret from me.

It also should be remembered that everything that I achieved I did with a complete lack of support that I fully deserved and was tricked out of for twelve years. Left homeless three times in that time and that of my many symptoms that short term memory loss, difficult to concentrate and focus were all things I had to deal with and work around or even through!

Also recall that all this was achieved while those paid a huge salary to do and a ridiculous expenses bill have done feck all to do.

In fact when you look at it on the face of it does it not now seem that my endeavours and data had been claimed or even stolen to make it appear that those who did feck all then lied claiming that it was they that achieved all this in each of my many subjects?

I knew this all along and before I even did it. Hell I actually did it so that they would all scramble to take this evidence and claim it as their own! While the disabled gut who did it all single handedly still gets deck all from his country and the public offices and that these so called public services are now queuing up to take him to court?! Lmao!!

But along with recording a hell if a lot of things and keeping all correspondences regarding of whether it was letter or email that eventually it will become bloody obvious what the truth actually is...
... unfortunately it also turned out that this would also be an extremely lengthy process for a whole list of reasons. It would also be quite lengthy as far as the writing, authoring and postings were concerned so that eventually those interested in each subject that supplies to them will look at what I have on other public offices and gradually realise something.

That when you have seen enough data, not even as much as half of it is needed to be seen, it will become apparent that it simply is unavoidable and inescapable of the fact that what I have posted about is the truth as far sad my description of the things I was personally involved in goes.

But it would take a long time to get enough visitors on here reading this stuff and then another length of time to read, listen, see enough of it all. Plus unseen obstacles that would slow it all down.

None have attempted to contact me, outside of a single Member of Parliament, to even say thanks. Well OK the security services kind of said thanks... just called me a genius which I presumed was their way of saying thanks?! Lol.

NSA even infiltrated World of Warcraft in its hunt for terrorists -

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