Sunday, 1 December 2013


That title is the only thing I could come up with quickly and while tired.

A pregnant woman who was visiting Britain from Italy, to attend a training course I think out was, had a panic attack, was sedated had a Caesarean Section done and a court order was granted to do this and take away the child?!

I simply could not believe what I was reading, I really could not and looked at the report twice just to be sure of what it said. Sounds like a load of religious fruitcake behaviour and oddly enough it is the sort of thing I would be less surprised of reading if it had been in certain states of the U.S.A, lol. Still shocking of course but less so as they do have a humungous amount of Bible nut jobs that think God is not doing a God enough job. So they interpret what THEY think he is on about and force it through no matter what.

I am sure God know what he is doing and you cannot chain to be doing the work of someone who does not turn up to back up that their will is also his will. The real truth of all this is that these people huddle together in fear of the real world, governments and people. I do not blame them but I am not going to sit around waiting for God to save us all as that will take an eternity and then some, lol.

Woman's Baby Taken From Womb By Court Order -

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