Saturday, 28 December 2013


A shame that some of my predictions do show signs of edging ever closer to reality.

Here is one and one of the most important to me. Along with unsympathetic, corrupt and selfish people that populate much of the NHS and DWP.

I sometimes think of legends. I also think about myths. I think of the people whose names and histories do stand tall and will stand tall throughout history.

Legends are heroes who ended up sacrificing so much to make a better world. This can be large portions of their lives or their own immediate fates. Each country of this world had it's own icons engraved into the mindset of their countries people.

How sad it would be if these Heroes of Legend was to see today that their efforts were in vain. That those already privileged leave people suffering so they can consume ever more.

It appears to me that those given the responsibility of reaching a classical education of the most influential people appear to teach this extremely badly.

The very word 'legend' suggests actions that will echo throughout history that would and should inspire many? So how is it in modern times these heroes and the quotes they make are only used as throw away lines in speeches and as a quote preceding a Hollywood movie?

Would they who sacrificed so much ponder the question of why they bothered? Hero after hero and quote after quote still those that govern turn out the same as do those in power. A 'keep up with the Jones'' of the rich and powerful. Without thought for those left downtrodden in their wake.

A queue exists of those claiming to defend the unfortunate millions but all they seek is to progress their own career. Bitches of TV they will say the just outlandish and shocking remarks because that is how you manipulate dumb TV bosses looking for ratings over the truth.

Truly a sad state of affairs the UK is in and possibly much of the world.

This success because the minions are brain washed as well as intentionally trapped into following orders despite the questionable reasons that hide behind them?

I would wager that those not brave enough to be whistle-blowers will skulk in their corners pretending nothing bad will happen? Probably think that losing their salary is the worst thing in the world right now? The very idea that those above them will offer them as lambs to the slaughter when the game is up. No they do not, for the most part, until it is too late.

My own great grandfather died as a test pilot for Avro in an aircraft called the Manchester. He avoided crashing into a populated area and hit trees instead. They decided that two engines was not enough and so added two more and changed the name to Lancaster.

He have his life and was buried near Fleet, as in Moonfleet, in Dorset. My grandfather had a funeral there too as he had lived there for a number of years before he died. They both had the same names only differed with their middle names. The test pilot is listed in a book on Test Pilots my mother owns and had been in my wish list on Amazon for three years now. One day perhaps.

I often wonder how a man like that would react to the world today? What would he think of the country he gage his life to defend?

I would wager he might be a little mute than disappointed?

Their names were Reginald Kirlew. If I recall correct their middle names were Arthur and Edward. I also think, again if I recall correctly, the author of the book is Don Middleton. The title is Test Pilots.

Gap widens between Britain's lowest and highest-earning families -

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