Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Well back to the subject that sparked all this into life... BAILIFFS!

It is well documented on here about how I was defrauded out of £4,000 plus for a £550 parking fine I thought quashed. But I shares like to revisit each subject to keep things fresh in the memories. Especially the fact I was physically knocked onto my wooden stairs.

Remember I was having mental breakdowns at the time because of my health issues getting nowhere close to a diagnosis and the DWP had started stealthily stuffing the boot in to disabled people only found out by the media and the wider public five years or more down the line! Particularly love that point about the media and wider public, Lol, and why I find it frustrating when people now say that if you vote Labour back in power they will not behave like that! Err HELLOOOO this started when Labour and that twat Blair was in power. It only came to light when the Conservatives were in and they just went further than their predecessors.

The main reason I hate all this talk in the media between journalists and politicians.... Its all such utter bulls dangley bits! Lol. You can be sure of one thing... everything you see and hear in the media between journalists and politicians is utter tripe! Only succeeding because there are too many naive, stupid, amoral or sheep like people or even fickle in the UK. Or any combination of the above but my guess is that the longer it takes fire purple to realise they have had their time wasted, their TV licence fee wasted and been manipulated, lied to and feed false information or perhaps shocking stories to hide those far worse then the more angry they will be when they do eventually realise.

Remember.. the longer they are fooled, kept in the dark or lied to then the angrier they will be when they become aware of the truth.

How do I know this? Because that is me! Look I not get angry and frustrated? Have I not had heated arguments with all I have battled?

But I knew what to expect, so why annoyed? Because I annoyed to be proven correct and this affects every British citizen. Including that of my family and most of all my daughter too! But I have two grandchildren who have around fifteen years before they start being exposed to this evil crap! Despite my lack of involvement with my daughter fire ninety percent of her life to date being down to the authorities claiming to look out for her and my grandchildren I still feel guilty!

Currently it has been two years since I saw them last and have missed them. Not spoken to my daughter for six months and do not know why. Could be a whole list of things but I am scared to contact her and she changes her number a great deal. I have not been in much of a position to help her and my grandchildren and have been attempting to change that myself, single handedly. It is taking longer than I thought if I am honest but put it down to bring too cocky and a number of unforeseen and forced errors.

So in all that time whatever was in my power and whatever I was physically able to do, I did.

But could have done so more so long ago had I known just how many public offices and industries were corrupt and by how much! So annoying when I think about it.

Still I had my intellect and vast experience even if my health and body were not yo to much. I was able to ignore or tune out all but the worst occurring pains and with a little planning could achieve the impossible. Of course I was aware every authority could also be corrupt so the only way was to record all I spoke to. I also knew that what I amassed would either bring them to account or find more corruption and wastage of the public's money. Little by little I would sweep across a large swathe of public offices and industries and be able to eventually reveal all to the public's gaze.

So I did what I could.

Even right now the process continues. I have a list presently that numbers over forty in the Ombudsman area that exist. I have emailed all these with a Freedom Of Information request but the list is getting ridiculously long. I will not be able to cover or indeed discover them all but with over forty do I need to? No.

Of course over the next few days I will publish both the list and the standard email I sent to all. Indeed there is enough of them to produce some interesting replies, Lol. Maybe even some really funny ones but the goal is serious as well as simple. You will see that for yourself and should realise that desire there being just three questions, they will NOT like answering them at a guess, Lol.

While I was trying to find the Ombudsman to Bailiffs I found another webpage I thought would post up here. Also I am damn sure this so called bailiff ombudsman has gone through a name change and sure the first letter in was 'A'?

Before you wonder to the obvious, yes contacted them a few times and never got a reply, back when it all happened.

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