Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I have absolutely no doubt that when the figures come out regarding the economy for the period we are currently in it will make for good reading and give the government something to crow about and part themselves and each other on the back for. Only all will not be as it appears.

For starters and before i get into the main event i have noticed a number of Black Friday deal days here in the UK. I have never known this to occur in the UK before and I smelt the stench of a dead and rotting carcass belonging to Rattus norveticus! Oddly this would have bumped yo the sales a little bit and I wonder if they will also introduce the Independence Day holiday next year? Lol.

But the Black Friday deals are not the only things that have occurred as there would have been two other events far, FAR bigger than this and each one guaranteed to improve the economy. Unfortunately for George Osborne this will have nothing to do with him in any way, shape or form! But i assure you he will claim credit for it nevertheless.

Games consoles with both the next generation Sony PS4 and the Microsoft X-BOX ONE! Of course there will be the peripherals and games to add on to this too.

It just so happens that George Osborne is luckier still because this all occurs in the same quarter, of the year and in fact just three weeks prior, to Christmas!

Unfortunately you will not be able to use the figures reliant until the figures for quarter one of 2014 come in April 2014.

As I have stated many times previously it may sound like I want the troubled times to continue due to what I have claimed but this is not the truth. In fact and quite literally in monetary terms if the economy suddenly shoots skyward then so do the earnings from all my blogs and YouTube account. After all the limited adverts I have are directly linked to people spending money. More of you readers will click on the ads and more will actually buy something. So it is literally in my best interests financially fur the economy to recover, but it will not any time soon. I could be looking at another year before the earnings even reach the upper levels of laughable. A year further on from this where it could be considered a serious career with earnings to suggest that. That just is how it is and I never started this blog even knowing it could pay anything. Just never occurred to me despite how obvious it is.

As fit the game consoles everyone has always known that this things sell. Despite the flops in these areas there is always a gaming area or three succeeding at any given time. After recent discoveries with animals we know have a clear understanding as to why this is.

The strongest emotional drive that human's have is the drive to play. This is hard wired into us and will remain that way for thousands of years and maybe longer, maybe never leaves us. It is the exact opposite to our worst enemy and something that government conveniently ignore... BOREDOM! How do we now know this? Because not only does it affect all primates in the animal kingdom but they also found it is true of Polar Bears when they were seen playing with Huskeys tied down instead of eating them. This one Polar Bear did this until the sea froze enough to walk on then headed off in search of seals! I kid you not and probably on YouTube.? It gets stranger still when the following year he returned yet again only this time he or she brought several other Polar Bear friends along and they all fit in on the act!

Think of it as the ultimate escapism. Also the emotions no doubt help produce chemicals in the brain like serotonin which gives you the feeling of pleasure. But we can stool become bored with playing the same game, or indeed watching the same film or TV programme, which is why everything has a finite time attached to it and why there is more then one! Imagine just hire easy and brilliant life would be if after watching your favourite film or playing your favourite game you forgot with a goldfish like memory? No? Well note think about then watching that film or playing that game over and over again and exactly like watching it for the first time or playing it for three first time each time that you do?

Ooh so now you think this would be so cool?! Lol.

Yes those same emotions would be just as powerful each time you performed each task!

Anyone that has dealt with primates in captivity, as I have done since childhood.

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