Friday, 27 December 2013


To kill two birds with one stone on this one.

Angry people rant at David Cameron regarding councils who are lazy, greedy and evil. Being left in limbo whole being flooded.

So Mr Cameron but going quite so great in the UK is it? When you're all cheering in the House of Commons over stupidly.low positive figures four the economy. Some guy who was talking about the economy called Roger Alton must be a Tory MP because he was bickering with a Mary-Ann Ochota and while she was aware that terrible times were staying and possibly getting worse he very naively seemed to believe everything was fine now, all over. He even arrogantly stated that she would be very happy in a few months time.

I God damn hate it when morons make statements about a few months time knowing they will be off somewhere fast away to get pulled I their idiotic statements?

Sometimes it appears to be that they cannot be that bloody stupid and must be being paid by the Tories to say that on prime time Sky News?

I cannot see how he can't be, no one is that arrogant surely?


David Cameron confronted by angry residents of flooded village -

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