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Sometimes they way stories pop on the my radar is nothing short of bizarre. Very bizarre.

I had been thinking the last few days about chargers and how they attempted to standardise them only for this to make no difference whatsoever.

A eee nights ago I had been searching high and low for a lead to charge my battery back up device. It seemed to vanish into thin air?! I also started using my Sony Walkman again realising that it paired with the Fiio has a much better quality of sound than the Apple iPhone S4 I had been using previously. The pain in the rear with the Sony is that normal chargers will not charge it and I never got around to ordering one off Amazon. After it came back in favour and relegated three iPhone into being left being I wondered what would happen if I plugged it into the charger that was supplied with the Sony Cybershot Camera and lo and behold it worked.

I also had two plugs with USB sockets lying around that did not work, well one did not at all and the other one did work on my faulty and used Motorola Atrix craftily sold to me by Very Catalogue. A friend of mine has a Nokia 620 Windows phone and had list a charger plug. So I took one of my two plugs that I had thought no longer worked just on the off chance. Would you believe one worked?! But I tried it and still dies not work with my Motorola phone!! Now he needs one for his wife LG Android phone and another friend stated that she was changing her iPhone for a new one and that he could have that one in a few days. I stated it might not work and that I have terrible trouble with things being different amps. They had found that they had the same issues and I stated "Well that was a bloody waste of time standardising things was it not?!"

The funny thing I'd they all switched to the Micro USB port apart from Apple and I never stopped to wonder why this was. Added to this you have to be careful buying back up batteries two because of the difference in amps. I think one is 1 or 1.5 amps and the other is 2 Amps. But then the Sony units do not work with the chargers that power other Android phones so not sure what they use.

That conversation took place yesterday and I was flicking through my new app and discovered a report that those that standardised things before were going to have another go at it?!

Hopefully they will get it right this time or they will turn it into a trilogy and therefore another big mismanaged waste of time and money. It also states that they are going to force this upon Apple too and they will have to comply or face having their products banned, albeit only in Europe.

They will not like that.

To be honest the reasons for these specialised sockets has gone out of the window of late. I see more and more accessories like HiFi like speakers using the ever growing and improving wireless technologies available. WiFi itself is about to have the 'ac' version is soon to be released once standards are agreed. This will nashe it the fourth version after 'b', 'g' and 'n'. Bluetooth is commonly used for connection especially for speakers and then there is NFC, Near Field Circuitry where you can even store cash on your mobile and use the NFC technology to pay for things. Sometimes, Lol. So reasons for the use of specific plugs and sockets have been rendered pretty much redundant and I do not think anyone really cares that much. Well except for Apple that is.

Apple seem to have succeeded in using some very lame and very loose reasoning to get their own way, including in court.

Yet many companies provide you with a USB to Micro USB in which you can plug your device into a computers USB socket and it will charge. It had been this way since the beginning with all of them and some devices do not even come with an AC plug at all!

So why on earth had our been so difficult to achieve this one side fits all?! After all that is the only way toy are going to have to reduce the amount of chargers being built and therefore better on the environment?

However I get yet another hidden message asking all this crafty shifting to not comply...

Harming the environment is not on the list of agendas of any big company but they lie and say it is. Two faced is what I call this. Someone true to standardise it and reduce the bed for manufacturing as well as costs and the big guns go and nice the goalposts or come up with work arounds. It is high time that large companies should get the same punishments that would be forced upon small companies. To many times I have seen actions taken that could not even be classed as a wrist slap, while a small businessman or trader would be banned for years, given a fine of a huge proportion of what he or she makes, maybe a year or two even, or even prison.

I also see this shifting positions as no different to putting two fingers up to everyone.

It is like the decision in an American court to rule that the Galaxy S4 phones are too similar to iPhones in looks and use. Well someone somewhere that came up with this must be using LSD or some other mind altering drug...

I have been using an iPhone 4S and I unusually know four people with a Samsung Galaxy S4. These phones are world's apart in differences, nothing alike whatsoever. I can tell you something else that is write unusual about the Samsung Galaxy owners that is unheard of until now...

... nine of the owners like them and even those I know who have used then do not like them either!!

Now here is where you just cannot go around abusing a legal system to get your own way, sometimes you just need to wait by forcing the demise of a rival does not automatically mean you will prosper. Shit I'd still shit at the end if the day and Samsung is not the only people making mobile phones!

Samsung have been alerting the Android OS more and more with each phone and have rendered it very confusing even for me! I have also heard rumours that they are going to cone up with their own OS. Based in what they have done this would be a mistake as their designs have been awful of late. I can understand why I just do not think it a good idea. If they do take this route I do not think it will go well for them.

Based on these facts and from the phone I have seen I fully expect HTC, Motorola (now owned by Google) and even LG to increase they're sales and therefore market share. Provided one does not sink in the meantime?!

Google missed out on capitalising on the Moto X in the UK (not sure about Europe) but the Moto G is now out. The Moto G is nigh on the perfect phone apart from two things, the memory sizes available are bizarre at just 8GB and 16GB and no SD Card slot. These phones are listed at £129 for the 8GB version but Tesco are advertising it at £99.00.

This sends amazing value but I could never understand why phones in the £100 to £150 range were only ever so slightly better than one costing £50?! With the Moto G having quad cure and a 720p 4.5 inch screen and the while thing nano coated SDI water resident from what I read on the Internet it just send to perfect.

Saying that my current crappy Motorola has 32GB and I would have liked my next phone to have more. Oddly I have yet to see a 64GB Android phone despite there being a 64GB iPhone!

I also really do hate it and see red when an SD Card slot is omitted. This would not be so bad if there were 32GB and higher versions or the MotoX was available here. Though I do have a tablet now which has a 7 inch 800p screen, Tetra 4 quad core with GPU and co-processor, stereo speakers, 16 GB and an SD Card slot and is only missing nano coating and a built in phone and not only did this cost only £180 brand new from PC World but had now been reduced to £100!!

In perspective the Moto G dies not look that much a bargain?! So what does this day for the rest of the crap?! Lol.

Phones seen to have been deliberately stalked of late and I read about Samsung's 8 cite Exynos CPU some while ago now, maybe a year or more, and yet only a very expensive tablet uses this chip! Hilariously it is still way cheaper than Apple's lame lot even at £550!

Sony do some nice things but can behave like Apple far too much and added to this is their stuff is just so expensive. After a few years of no one partying the extra Sony will no doubt throw another hissy fit and threaten to stop making mobile phones, like they did with TVs a couple of years back, Lol.

Europe’s set to mandate common phone chargers — so where does this leave Apple? -

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