Thursday, 19 December 2013


Glad to see these deluded nutters have been found guilty of murder!

What I found oddly and mildly humourous about their rantings was the it contained elements of truth but that they had NOT thought them through.

You just murdered a man in his home country and then stand there stating that your governments do but care about you. True but you just murdered a man do no one will take any notice of nutters.

Added to this was their statements that this was war and that this was their defence.

Well correct me if I am wrong you bloody morons but you are living in the country as British Citizens, you bloody half wits!

The only thing I find extremely sad is everyone thinks this is over and yet I do not. The sad party about it is that nothing will be done about this and them it will happen again. A carbon copy of what went before will then play out with reminders of last time and then forgotten again. By the authorities mostly but a few others too.

All the time the build up of hatred and ill feelings among the British public will continue to fester. Building to a crescendo.

Also I going laughable was David Cameron's yakking...damn it can't remember what he said...oh 'poisonous narrative' ...well he should know about poisonous narrative, I call them lies, misinformation and broken promises myself.


I also thought it bad taste when someone reporting said 'it's over for Lee Rigby's family now.' and I thought 'did you REALLY just say that? REALLY?!'

It will never be over for them and be a bloody long time yet before they come to terms with it even.

Stupid thing to say.

Lee Rigby Murder Trial: Guilty Verdicts -

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