Thursday, 5 December 2013


'A great light had gone out'

I find it fairly odd and bone chilling that runs the length if my tingling spine when leaders that have no compassion or sympathy for their own people come out to praise someone who has died who is renowned around the world.

Nelson Mandela sadly passed away and I had long admired him. I got a shock when someone told me he had killed someone and thought this cannot be true the man is seen as a visionary. I questioned my own admiration for him. I wondered that if true maybe it was self defence. Whatever the truth is he certainly had shown great leadership and was truly wrist in his later years. He was certainly worshiped and admired by a great many people.

It is because of this latter fact that those around the world who fail to possess feelings of empathy towards fellow human beings will suddenly drop everything to say something extremely vomit inducing. Vomit inducing only occurs when two things occur, well for me anyway.

First off the statement had to be way over the top along with a feeling of it delivered without sincerity.

Vomit inducing.

Like homeless hobos gathering outside a soup kitchen they queue up to be the first to say something nice about someone admired but passed away. I think they are just so keen to look good and be out there so quickly they end up giving themselves away. Or maybe only I see this? But see it I do.

Aside of the queue of people with no morals but plenty of words coming from their moths to make it appear that they have, I will wait and wonder were the next wise and visionary individual to teach many may come from?

Let us how it is not too long?

I dare say the media will over do it as usual and for the next month the will overdo it and kill the poor guy all over again with over saturation?

He 'transformed South Africa and moved all of us': Tributes pour in for Mandela -

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