Sunday, 8 December 2013


Damn it! Typed out a whole post and the damn phone froze and list it all!

I really should think about counter suing Shop Direct?! Lol. God that is so annoying!

Anyway it is amazing what happens when a certain percentage of people in a given society all become aware. Ukraine is a good example.

I feel sort for the Ukranians as they have really had a rough few years. Whatever trouble you can have in society they seem to have endured it. Assassinations, corruption, fixed elections and God knows what else. They are also split between loyalty to Russia and wanting to be part of the EU. Perhaps if Putin had not miraculously won that last election things would Jean more towards Russia, without a bully as its leader.

Quite how a country can promote itself when its built in lies, cheating and subjugation of its people God only knows. How can one be proud of that? It is like arguing who cheats better than who?! Lol.

But when I saw this post stating that protestors in Ukraine had felled a statute of Lenin I took notice! They chanted that the President would be next?!

Though other countries may not have issues write so obvious they still have issues. They still cheat and lie and expect everyone to go along with it. But they are not and they know not what to do. Instead relying on the slightest of positives in numbers to ring out the cry of victory. Not so.

The trouble is that when the ratio reaches a point the end result will diaeresis be the same! So is the nature of the beast. But mark my words it Erik be everyone else's fault but those to blame. But I call it here and now. I also request that you recall that they not only take no notice of scientific advisors, trusting numbers instead, but even sack them for not stating what they want then to say. They probably seek those that day what they want to hear. This would turn out to be someone masquerading as a scientist saying things to get notice to get TV spots on News programmes. If achieved often enough they may get a regular spot our even a series?! Lol. Other scientists see then for what they are and are labelled with discriminatory names. Putting that as politely as I can. Not so much a doing it for the good of mankind but more for the benefit of one self. Lol.

Good luck to one and all decent Ukrainians wanting things to merely change for the better.

Hats off to you!

Protesters fell Lenin statue, tell Ukraine's president 'you're next' -

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