Thursday, 12 December 2013


Well we have a Prime Minister who is a complete idiot and the judge in the Nigella Lawson case agrees!

He makes a comment about backing 'Team Nigella' which would and quite obviously to any idiot with two braincells working in tandem, influence the court case. Well it seems bean counters are missing a few beans when it comes top common sense?!

Also of interest is the front page regarding the NHS being in a shambles and that family Doctors are not trusted, hehehe. Oops!

Oh dear now I wonder how all that came about then?! Yeah, wonder indeed I do not.

Also of note is people who refuse to talk our learn English will lose benefits. Too bloody right too, we go not have cash to look after our own and acting like the worlds cash register had been allowed to deliberately increase tensions towards idiot ethnics who have not realised they are being duped. Make you look like your all take, take, take do British public would be wound up to explode!

It seems someone is getting the messages loud and clear now?

Another headline about some bad weather coming only wind speeds seem to have lost momentum to the tune of 80 miles per hour?

Still manages to make the front page though, lol. It is a storm. We have had lots of storms. It is the season of storms! Feck off with the scare mongering over wind and do some proper investigative bloody journalism! There are still many bloody things I sent you on those four DVDs and they are all on here?!

No none of you ever really did quite grasp the possibilities of the Internet did you? Just like every other lame public office and private companies.

Hence now I can say well yes, of course...another series of goals of this blog. To highlight how easy it was to keep feeding you rope and every chance to do the honourable, decent and honest thing. Did you? No, not as yet. Will anyone? It is possible still to be able to, yes. But I doubt it.

To think, a whole series of more lessons on the possibilities of the Internet are being put into practice right now and got the next free months too.

All these endeavours just go to compound those that went before. More and more just added to the ever growing lists...of course there its a whole long series of recordings to do along with these endeavours too.

I shall call this penultimate phase 'The Coffin Nails Phase', lol.

I have sent off a series of the same email which I need to post up here.

I have been told that Fibromyalgia professionals sure hard to find and 'good luck'. My health check also did not go swimmingly and I got some more shocking results with very high cholesterol and glucose levels! Jesus Christ! If it is not one thing...

I also need to prepare a different report for these forthcoming courts with somewhat differing and a more revealing nature to them.

When done and sent they will be posted and should give many people, especially victims, a damned good laugh, lol.

Palace nuts and benefits - front pages

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