Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hmm so Satanists have stared they want a statue beside the Ten Commandments?!

Might be better idea if you provide then with TEN BRAIN CELLS each first? Lol.

What idiots actually cone out and make a statement like that in a country largely sing as fanatical Bible bashers? Mind you some of these are so fanatical I think the differences between then become blurred? I might not be religious but I draw a line when it comes to people wanting to be Satanists! Bible bashers wanting to kill, maim and harm in the name if someone supposed to represent peace and live aye bad enough. That goes extra for Koran bashers with bombs!

What I would like to know is when are the UK's Satanists going to demand their own statue in Kensington Palace? You do know there if a Satanic society in the UK don't you? You see then all the time they are called the British Government, Civil Servants and their mysterious puppet masters, lmao!

Sorry could not resist that jibe and waited four paragraphs to get that one in! Lol.

Satanists want statue beside Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma Legislature -

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