Thursday, 12 December 2013


If you read my previous letter to Northampton County Court you may have noted, or recall, that I stated that I had been expecting a series of court orders in quick succession? Indeed I had planned things in such a way that this would indeed occur if many of my theories had proved to be correct.

I had thought that it would be listed somewhere that I do indeed have Fibromyalgia and that therefore I have short term memory problems and difficulty concentrating and focusing on things.

I also strongly believed that to BEAT ME they would have to make me look like the villain or someone looking to breach the peace. It would therefore be reasonable to assume that a concerted effort to have a great many court appearences come about in quick succession would be a rathewr good way of achieving this. Even before learning about Fibromyalgia it seemed like the most logical option that they would take once they knew I was getting close to blowing their corrupt worlds apart?

This looked very likely when both Eon and the TV Licence people notified in quick succession that they were taking me to court. Also as you all know I was prepared for this and had laid traps for them to fall into should they do so. I also WANTED the involvements of the courts, in fact everything I did RELIED on involvements of the courts and indeed in quick succession too!!

Added to the above two is the fact that Thames Water should be doing that about now and theirs was the next one, or indeed thought it would be one of the first two, to arrive?! It does now seem that this will have to wait....someone beat them into second position!!

Enter Enfield Council and Council Tax...

I am about to contact them and state to both the Court and Enfield Council that I will indeed look forward, very much so, to appearing in court! I will also be informing them of a few details too that I have to sit down and work on in a document with bullet points.

This is indeed one of the key court cases I was looking forward to as it will involve evil and greedy Local Councils, Bailiffs, the NHS and added to this Courts and Judges and whether or not they are in on the corruption and this is my means to now find out once and for all.

Once I have created this and sent it I will also post it here as usual and I cannot use that same one that I sent to Northampton County Court as each court will be unique and the points that I bring up will be unique to this case.

HOWEVER...what will build up over the coming months with each and every court is that those points put to one and not another are indeed key factors. That COMBINED, as they are all coming together just as I ad predicted they would, shows how unfare the system is and that UK law being a shambles, a joke and manipulated for those with power is not just hearsay...IT IS THE DAMNED TRUTH and nothing more nor nothing less.

Laws were created to protect people, the innocent primarily, against those which would perform immoral acts towards others, known as victims.

I want and have always intended to show that the courts have become blind and stupidly naive to this, at best, or if needs be and if turns out to be the case actually part of the corruption that has made a mockery of United Kingdom laws. In fact they should just call it Kingdom as it becomes less united with each week that goes by.

But just as with the previous email I sent to the previous Court regarding their Order I will explain the exact same things and use THIS BLOG and its documents along with its recordings as my EVIDENCE for my defence and perhaps even my own offensive towards those who think they are undefeatable?!

You see they are taking me to court for a few hundred quid while I have been refused a Freedom Pass since I moved here 6.5 years ago. At £1,500 per year at a guess, that could have allowed me to get to places to help me build a career and do so with less pain, this would amount to around £9,000.

ALso they refused to pay my full rent and paid £300 short for the first 6 months. Then when they wrongly taook away my Disability Living Allowance and then forced me to pay £750 back they paid even LESS of the rent so now another £600, totalling £900. They then informed me that if I cancelled my Housing Benefit and re-claimed anew under the Local Housing Allowance scheme they would pay all the rent but there was a catch?! I had to forfeit a weeks rent of around £180?!?! Now totalling £1,080!

It gets better still as they also then paid EVEN LESS than they had before hand at wachich point a row now broke out with my giving them all kinds af angry letters and verbal, ending up in a member of their staff being SACKED, and they paid the rent £20 per month short?! Despite the total they pay for rent being around £24 higher than the amount they pay me?!

My landlord and landlady are a builder and teacher respectively. They are very nice too and as they have heard about what I have discovered and these complete balls ups by people who think themslves smarter than everyone else they have been dismayed and often dropped their jaws to the floor in utter shock.

They think the councils are utterly disgusting , immoral and corrupt as hell. They are not the only ones. They have paid this latest amount for around two years meaning that they are likely over £300 short on those payments too. So now we are close to £1,500 in no rent payments with no reason given whatsoever. Add that on to the Freedom Pass I have had refused, which indeed I already possessed from the last council when I moved here, and you are looking at a loss of about £10,500.

Have I EVER taken steps to take them to court? No.

Have I ever had any help form them whatsoever? No.

Am I going to give in? Hell NO!

See you in court tosspots!!


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