Friday, 20 December 2013


Hmm so they were spying on Charities?

Reading this it occurred to be that it is funny how nothing had been used of all this data.

I have believed for a very long time that almost everything is corrupt. In the let few years everyone else now thinks this too and I have yet to meet anyone in the let five years that thinks otherwise.

Now one of these included a large chunk of charities and I have posted about them and even put eyestone to the media about them in my set of four DVDs. It has even been the subject of a BBC Panorama programme I sadly did not see.

Now it suddenly occurs to me that this absolute mountain of data that would put Mount Everest to shame must contain a hell of a lot of criminal activities? It simply must do and included in all that must be tax evasion, corporate illegalities and stuff the banks did to bring the country to the edge of oblivion?! It simply must have.

So how come that the only usage of this data had been to catch a few terrorists and their terror cells that I was the one that pointed them to them and their location and member names in the first place?!

Do they only chase crimes that disgust people the security agencies?

Do they not think that Eden though something is but their jurisdiction that they could pass on the information to the relevant authorities?

It seems strange that with the amount if failures, young girls being raped and abused in Muslim sex rings and God knows what other crimes that I have not stumbled upon that these have but been dealt with by the security agencies?!

What a complete waste of money, data, resources and time this has been. Surely this now strongly suggests that the snooping was not for the benefit of the British people, who PAY THEM, but that of rich corporate people or businesses and likely all American to boot?!

Food for thought dear readers, food for thought.

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief -

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