Sunday, 1 December 2013


I am pleased to announce that I have managed to acquire one of the tools I recently mentioned in my shipping list.

This is a seven inch tablet which I am using right at this very moment to type out this very post. I have filmed a video of myself removing said tablet from its box and having a little play around with it. It uses the Swype keyboard and pleased to say that unlike that horrid, faulty and used Motorola Atrix I received from Very Catalogue this works brilliantly and straight out of the box!

There is an odd story behind this model tablet and how I found it. It is only available in one store in the UK and branded under the stores name. But they had no hand in its creation at all. It gets stranger that when I found it online I thought it was yet to go on sale and for two reasons. First it uses a nVidia Tegra 4 CPU which I was not even aware had been created, I had only known about the Tegra chips up until the third one. Second of all when I entered the store only having been there the day before and not seen one, they tell me they have six in stock?!

Along with the usual benefits with a tablet this one has a few surprises and one is the fact it comes with a stylus! The stylus also has a tapered and slanted tip so you can do very fine writing or simply switch to thicker by twisting the stylus?! Also the tablet is pressure sensor so you can alter these things further still. Even removing the stylus from its slot is sensed by the tablet and it presents you with a pop up of choices consisting of two apps that benefit from the stylus one for note taking and one for drawing and art. If you download other apps that can use the stylus you cab simply add them to this pop up menu.

It also had two front facing stereo speakers and looks like a 7 inch HTC ONE in black. You cab also have it in any colour you like... as long as it is black, lol.

So I can take notes that will help me as my memory is dreadful. It dies all the other things I need it to do too. This blog app has extra features I do not get on the phone and typing is way, WAY better too so will help me with my blogs. I can also do artwork and sketches and need to do some logos I've wanted to do fit some time now. It will also let me increase my input on all my blogs too and added to this will reduce my electricity bill. The hot lap warmer laptop will be turned on far less often than it has been. Meaning not only is this thing going to be far more helpful than anything else I own but will also pay for itself in just three to six months?!

It is still setting up and fielding files right now. The Android OS updated from whatever it was up to 4.2.2 which I believe is Jelly Bean? Oh it must have been Ice Cream Sandwich previously? They say it will update to KitKat which is supposed to be more streamlined and faster. But as this thing already possess five processors running at 1.8 and likely has another one as a GPU it is not going to fell out of date and slow for at least two years!

In the warmer weather of 2014 I can also do posts directly when I am in the field so to speak. Maybe even live streaming if a situation arises that calls for it?

Another tool in the list checked off!

Exciting times!

I will upload and post some pictures and the video over the next few days, still have yet to acquire a protective case for this new gadget, lol.

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