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Right then...

I was going to do this one on the 1st January 2014 like the last one but thought of what the hell, just do it now and state it as the 1st January. About right what with holidays and all and only becomes important by about April anyway, lol.

As done of you may have guessed I am reapplying for Disability Living Alliance now that I have acquired another mountain of evidence and discovered my condition.

This time I am going to apply much more pressure than I did previously and this will spread out to affect all those that were previously involved. Very hopefully those involved in the fiascoes that were the tribunal?! If not I will just have to get more creative, lol.

Now some of you know and I have mentioned it several times that I was waiting for Personal Independent Payments to be introduced so that the DWP and this that run it and commit crimes against humanity leave themselves without a grey area.

I stated before that the idiots really jet themselves wide open with hi grey area add you cannot lure and chest with no grey area. In other words you cannot claim that someone WITH a disability can be classed as NOT having one. Simple!

But I went on the DWP's website and look and behold I have to claim for the NEW PIPs or Personal Independent Payments. Make note if the intentional removal of the word disability completely which is phase two of their plan.

Now a great deal has happened and I do not want to spend the best part of a year playing games with these people. So I have made my discoveries and evidence among with big and YouTube account abundantly clear to them.

As will I have the consequences if they insist on plating the same game they did peevish but one. I say but one because I claimed last year when I thought I was suffering with the Charcot Mature Tooth Disease. I found out it was not that and the DWP had ignored my claim anyway so I just left it. This was largely because my search fur a correct diagnosis continued on and I had no idea how long it was going to take. I also had no idea just how close I was to it with Charcot Marie Tooth but it turned out the NHS did!

So I thought that all those that have had injustices against them by way of public office but mainly the DWP and Atos would get a good laugh and sense of hope by now reading the email I entry to the Disability and Carers Department of the DWP.



Dear Sirs

NR 746864 D

Do you remember me? I would be disappointed if you didn't as it would mean I have not done my job very well

I can assure you that your bosses all the way up to Iain Duncan Smith know if me even if they do not my name.

I have been... busy since I put in a claim last year that was ignored by you. It did not matter as it just goes against you in the end.

You might know that the government and Iain Duncan Smith in particular has been hammered by the Labour Party and in the media over their very bad and incompetently implemented idea of a overhaul of the welfare system.

Well I was behind that and I still have the email from the member of parliaments that will remain nameless requesting if they could send my data to the media and use it in the House of Commons.

When I play I play to win.

I am afraid that is not even the worst of it either and I have found it highly amusing and surprising that those that receive my emails and read them first have no idea that when the proverbial hits the fan from Iain Duncan Smith ask the way down to you the blame will be passed on.

Think that social worker that was fired over the death of Baby Peter who I knew took the blame for a certain MP that meddled.

I am afraid I knew a lot more than I let on and still had to prove several things to knit everything nearly together.

One of these was the NHS lying and falsifying things so that the DWP, Local Councils and varies others could save money. Oh dear.

In the time since you wrongly turned me down, had a GP in your pocket on a tribunal hearing and lied skiing with Atos regarding my health and assessments I have managed a few things...

1 Recorded many health professionals and specialists deliberately going it if their way and lying to NOT DIAGNOSE ME!!

2 Recorded a specialist while I pulled him to account when he lured about the results of an ultrasound test!! He then dictated a new letter with the truth in it. However twats l like that in expensive suits or in job titles that cause delusions of grandeur you need to be sure if one thing... YOU ARE THE MOST INTELLIGENT PERSON ON THE ROOM... OR CORRESPONDENCE. He then sent of the falsified letter.

3 I had an argument about the letter with my GP at the time who had precisely lied and handed me the Tracy version of my medical records that was falsified very badly. He then stated to suggest I needed psychiatric help...

4 Funny how they are now which to diagnose that now you cannot get DLA for it?!

5 What he did not know about was that I had recorded him the whole time I was registered with him as he lied repeatedly. However in the demanding of me seeing psychiatric help I then declared that I had the recording of a specialist at the hospital lying and admitting it. Oh dear I had not even let on to the specialist that lured that I did that, after all I would not get as much as I had had I gone round blabbing about what I had did even in arguments. It gets worse...

6 For the first time ever I was given a drug that actually worked and about the same time I stumbled upon what it was that everyone had been trying very hard to keep from me?! How bizarre is that? It gets better...

7 I had not wanted the drug prescribed called Amitriptyline and instead wanted one called Pregabalin because I was previously on Gabapentin which was working until it made me extremely ill. I guessed at the time that Pregabalin was expensive due to the refusal.

8 He lured to my face starting that he was going to sort me out as I had been offered a pain management course as the one I was on and had attended for times was actually a sham and bit a pain  management course at all. It was a recruitment drive to get people in pain to work for free for the NHS.

Unfortunately for them and the NHS I had been recording each and every one and has posted them online and made them VERY PUBLIC.


10 I gathered that everyone now knew that I had been recording them and I had also raised an official complaint with NHS England and the GMC. In fact the GMC, who I also knew to be corrupt and would do nothing, who also one about my presence and huge following on the Internet told the GP to get rid of me based on violent conduct because I told them in a letter that if he spoke to me the way he did ever again I would want to break his jaw. Because he was rude, arrogant and was lying through his teeth while he was at it and i told him so. They broke a confidentiality agreement doing this and I managed to prove that they did it by getting them to admit it in a letter, oh deary me!

11 I had also managed to keep secret what they were bloody well scared about... that they KNEW that with my self diagnostic of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, which coincidentally I put in a DLA claim for last year that was ignored, that I was one step away from finding out EXACTLY what was wrong with me. I then was prescribed two drugs in a row both of which worked?! Funny that.

12 Oddly as I was completely dumbfounded that this Amitriptyline worked I was researching the condition that I was now becoming more convinced I had when I read in Black's Medical Dictionary that there was only two drugs currently known, at publication, that worked on the condition I thought I now had! I will give you one single guess what one of those drugs listed were?! Now think now... how many drugs are there in existence?! The drug that worked was the drug I had been prescribed of Amitriptyline!

13 When I stated that Charcot Marie Tooth Disease was a possibility this was rather surprisingly entertained. I was sent to a Neurologist who I know for a fact recognised me somehow desire never having met before?! Strange that. I can prove that too! I was sent to The Royal Free Hospital for Nerve Conduction Studies and an Electromyography test. These look for Neurological problems but not all! How do I know? Because I asked him and you can guess what I was doing at the time?!

14 The guy doing the rest told me that my neurologist was the best in the country, YEAH RIGHT, and that he would find out what neurological problem I had. He gave me two copies of the result and one for the neurologist. Except the neurologist who somehow miraculously recognised me discharged me by letter stating I did not have a neurological problem?!

But I actually already had one and was not tested for all neurological problems with those two tests!! Oh dear!

I am now on my fourth GP in my catchment area. I had never done this before. I have evidence each one was used to chest and our to me. The first being young and native and easily fooled, the second became disgusted at my treatment by the NHS and you and closed her practice effective immediately and ran off with my irrigate X-Rays. X-Rays, I might add, that were looked at at Chase Farm Hospital and I was first told the same thing the Chiropractor that did them had said, that I have two problems with my back and that the last MRI performed by the NHS was performed on the wing section of my back. They were shocked that I knew what the previous MRI was on but an Orthopaedic Surgeon who also wrongly assumed he was the most intelligent man in the room was tricked into telling me... by me of course. I simply had to ask him one thing..."Can we confirm that the MRI was performed on the correct part of my back? Did you MRI the lumber region?" and with a EU smile he says yes with a cocky look on his face...I then said "Well Houston, we have a problem as the address that should have been scanned was the top half of my back!" and on hearing this and that I had tricked him his face dropped to the floor like it had been pumped full of lead!

Oddly when I mentioned what I now knew I had and shed for a referral to a specialist I was told 'good luck, they are rare and hard to find' so imagine my surprise that one of the most famous hospitals in the lands has a HUGE department catering for it?! I had a great deal of emails thinking it very odd I was told that they were rare and hard to find and had several email me from around the country trekking me that it was right here in London?!

Note do you think those that out all these dastardly and evil, child and inhumane plans in place will willingly accept responsibility? Or do you think the blame game will continue down the hierarchy where no one knows where it will stop? Like a wheel of fortune?!

What I have provided here is only a tiny fraction of a section I have been working on for the last year. In fact all that I have done and acquired in the last year is s tiny fraction of a much bigger and biker plan.

All the time the I have corresponded with public offices, public services, the Police, NHS, DWP, all Ombudsman and everyone else I have been publishing it all online for everyone to see. All of it which means letters, emails, recorded meeting and appointments and everything else.

I have only been doing this fur just over a year and yet I have gone from just a few dozen visitors after the first month to 100,000 visitors thereabouts today. Indeed it now rises by over 2,000 per week and this itself rises ever higher. Ergo in a months time it may well be 2,500 per week. A month later 3,000 pier week. A month later 5,000 per week and so on and so forth?

I could be wing of course! But the only thing I would be wrong on is that it could go viral and rise at a faster rate than the numbers in my spreadsheet suggest?! There could be one single diktat thing that the British public are interested in as regards proof that they are being lied to and kicked in their private parts?! Like what I will now request if you below as I have made it abundantly clear of my intentions. That I want people to go to jail for both treason in some cases and crimes against the British public in others.

A few weeks ago I contracted all Ombudsman and governing bodies under the Freedom of Information Act and requested much information. Primarily regarding how much it costs to run each one.

Now I will separately state that this was my plan to all this all along because there was one thing that I knew from the beginning before I rated all this...



The General Medical Council have reacted target amusingly to this request and sending me emails of excuses which I am not interested in.

I will compile a spreadsheet of this showing the totals, all wages as well as cost of buildings, energy bills, stationary, expenses and the like. Then I start contacting OTHER public offices for a separate spreadsheet.

Oh I am afraid this also includes your INDEPENDENT Case Examiners too. Who are nothing of the kind and was easy to door immediately.

Unfortunately all this took a long time. But then it had to as I had to traverse all the avenues and public office are notified for being slow, lazy while wringing about party and conditions even though they stand around all weeks taking about where they are all going for a drink that coming Friday. Oops I knew people that worked in departments like yours, and Local Government too. Yes from day one I knew that I was looking at over a year and likely minimum of 18 months and a maximum of three years.

In the end it was only ever going to go one way we that was the way I designed it to.

For instance I designed it all so that I would be taken to court many times in quick succession during the first half of 2014 and I already have the first two.  Surprisingly one was from a private firm called So Direct who own Littlewoods, Very and Isme Catalogues.

I received a smart phone from them I suspected and then proved was used, faulty and sources from America! I was rather surprised when two years go by and they take me to court after various threats I deliberately ignored. I had count court papers arrive in my doorstep so I contracted the court...

.. now all I did is supply the court with some links to my YouTube account videos, of which there are roughly a thousand, and to certain blog posts on my corruption blog, of which there are likely over 1,500. I also informed the court that the blog and YouTube account provides proof of corruption throughout the land in all public offices and services as well as some private companies too. I then pointed out there was only one left I had yet to prove but this would not take long as I was about to desk with several of them all in a row and was the final piece to my jigsaw...

... The Courts and their associative Judges!!

I pointed out that add they can see this was now all in hand.

I received a letter from the court starting they had contracted Ship Directs debt collectors, who had used the old and boring trick of altering dates on letters to acquire entry orders or liability orders, who then stated they had contracted the debt collectors and Shop Direct asking them to explain themselves within 28 days or it will be dropped.

The Debt Collectors thought they were extremely clever, yawn so boring because everyone thinks the bloody same when they are not, and they wrote to me starting that I had not contacted the court, a lie, and that the deadline had passed, also a lie, and that the city could pass  judgement against me if I did not pay them, also a lie.

I sent the letter to the court and rooted crap out if then and the debt collectors and starred I had published all this on my blog and an feed up that everyone turns a blind eye to councils, DWP, large private firms to break very serious laws and commit grand scale FRAUD ask if which are crimes that carry long prison sentences so that they can acquire minutes from their victims they have no fecking legal right to our do anything for OR have provided that which the customer purchased!! I had five cameras in a row all of which were refurbished and faulty and priced it involving Nikon in the process too!

I received a letter from CapQuest, which reminds me I keep forgetting to contact them, a clue there to my condition and a major factor in my durability that cannot be gotten around, saying they are sorry about my complaints and are launching an internal investigation?!

Year right?! An internal investigation, that fold me with zero confidence! Unless of course they used to be called JBW Group who assaulted me physically and made my disability a great deal worse and was a direct result of your organisation eight cancelling my Disability Living Allowance for years ago. SERIES FRAUD AND ABH which was done on the instructions of a local government?! Uh-oh!!

So now I have revealed about 2% of what I have and that everything is linked together from the NHS to Local Government to you and then everything else.

To prove to the British people and the world of the series crimes against humanity that go on that jobsworths are too Braun dead to realise nor that they will go to jail when the truth gets out.

And the truth will out, I can assure that of that.

Right now I have made it perfectly clear where we all stand and that you are five foot deep in the mire I will now request that which this very long email was designed to do...

... can you send me a Personal Independent Payments form please as I need to make yet another claim for disability living, despite the fact that the word 'disability' is intentionally and wrongly being erased from the DWP and the welfare system.

I mentioned a lot of public offices and a few private companies. If you doubt this it does not bother me, in fact it just week GI to show how over confident but actually incompetent that public offices are. But you may have noted just how many things to do with the government and public office have appeared in the media of late? Well the majority of that is down to me, the four DVDs I sent to the media two years ago as well as the blog and the YouTube account.

Best of all is that everything that I do or apply for now has an absolutely huge following. That ever increasing number will now refuse and then they will tell those that they know if what they have witnessed. If you average that each person knows at least 6 people then currently 600,000 know about me. The team figure might be closer to ten people if you factor in work colleagues, fellow students, school friends and the like.

In the meantime can you post me the forms for PIP please?


Martin Haswell

Subject: RE: DLA claim
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 10:17:21 +0100

I can confirm that your  e-mail has been received.

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