Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hmm interesting link this one?!

It states that British shoppers have been spending bucket loads? Actually beating the US in this regard too? Maybe they have had so many bad Christmas' they thought what the hell? But borrowing had to be paid back.

Just as I said the games consoles have been selling. Maybe because the guys are buying them the girls are spending on stuff they want too?

Could not believe the price of the Apple tablet at £700 plus! I just bought the most powerful tablet that chores with a stylus and has for cores, a co-processor and a GPU for £180 new from PC World!

But then I did read a report, not sure if I posted it, stating that Apple was heading for trouble and that there sales have now consistently dropped for like the thief year in a row! Their share of the phone market had dropped to 12%! Samsung has a way bigger share now hence Sim the court battles. Apple do not want to bring out better AND cheaper products they want the sole monopoly of the smartphone market! Now where did I leave that anti-trust lawsuit file?


Under the iPads and PS4s the ghoul of debt is lurking | John Harris -

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