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It is always surprising to me how things work out. No matter how much I pay attention to detail and fully intend particular outcomes and how often I achieve it, it always comes as a surprise... every time.

Through this blog and of course including the preceding years immediately before setting it up it was almost always the same.

Right at this very moment is a perfect example unfolding before my eyes and now yours. I have already started covering it done time ago but now it has taken a few twists and turns. Rather surprising turns I might add.

I always had the belief that if you stick to the truth and the facts then it all falls into place. My enemies that have destroyed my own life and those I care about are about to get a very hard as well as lengthy lesson in this. It will be their own fault and will only have themselves to blame.

In all areas, organisations and public offices my story and claims have always been the same. This is most notable with my correspondences with organisations that you trust and would never expect criminal behaviour from to defraud you. After so many tricks and lies you have to accept the truth about what they have become.

For the last year you have read while I have ranted about my health, the NHS and the DWP. In particular the lies, arrogance, tricks, utter rudeness and lack of professionalism with my last GP.

Well I believed that with all of them I would eventually win and thought it would be interesting and maybe even exciting as will add helpful to others to read. I was convinced that the longer it continued the worse it would be for these departments and that eventually people would see the truth, no matter how many Ostriches wanted to bury their heads in the sand.

In fact you would find several correspondences between myself and those that made themselves my enemy that if they take this course of action that they will lose and that the longer they doggedly stick to this the worse it will be when they do lose.

The longer it goes on the amount of lies increases, the more mistakes they make, the more days I get, the more visitors I get and so on and so forth. Things reveal themselves that not even I expect.

Those that paid attention will know I have been given years of cheap crap drugs most of which have not worked. That when I explained an odd behaviour, like getting hot and sweaty more than usual I get spoken to like a child and told everyone seats? Yah THINK!!! I have had literally hundreds of appointments over the years and they have all failed to spot the one single thing wrong with me and now it's entirely possible that every diagnosis I have ever had could be wrong.

Well I was looking for a new GP recently and I found one. I have been to this surgery three times now and in every single visit they have found things. Several things actually and it is not over yet, far from it, it turns out and several things are likely to emerge.

First of all in this period I bumped into a nurse, not the one (or really two) I already know but someone I had not met before. We chatted and I explained what had happened previously and about this blog. But not to much. She then said that she had been forced out of a hospital under very bad circumstances. She did not see eye to eye with other nurses and doctors and for the following reasons...

A new attitude is being forced onto health staff that includes both nurses and doctors that states that patients should not be allowed to talk and explain anything about their symptoms. If they do you are too just ignore them and go ahead and diagnose them. All in a few minutes remember?!

She then explained that she expressed her utter horror at this and kept disagreeing, obviously arguing, with other nurses and doctors in that the only thing you have to go on is what the patient described to you.

I said that this was very true and that they have this added new aversion to performing any tests especially if they cost money. I then explained how it was a big con, no diagnosis means money saved on prescriptions, treatment, all benefits and support from the DWP, Local Councils and anyone else you would otherwise be able to turn to for help.

She simply raised an eyebrow.

A week ago I had to meet another nurse at my surgery and while there she asked me to provide a urine sample and I said I did not think I could and she shed me to try. Lo and behold I did and she said "right you are not drinking enough water" and I did I knew. Then she revealed I had a high protein count in it too. I asked how much I was supposed to have and she said none! Then she did something I had been expecting to be asked for 5 years and has given up expecting, the over forties health check up and I agreed. She also said they would have to send my sample of for testing.

I returned a week later and I was tested for three things and I silted all three to my shock. Cholesterol, glucose and...err something else Lol. So I was ordered to eat fruit and Benecol and come back for a blood test and again after Christmas for another test, but way after Christmas due to the obvious over indulgences with eating, not that I do.

I went back in today to give a blood sample as well as a print out. I said previously that in the appointment with the new GP I starred that I previously thought I had Charcot Marie Tooth disease but this was ruled out but now knew it was Fibromyalgia . I stated I would be extremely grateful if he could refer me to a specialist and he simply replied "good luck"?! When I asked why he said that he started that there were very few people around who specialised in it which was a real surprise to me. After all I found someone in London who specialised in Charcot Marie Tooth so this must surely be body easy?

After the  appointment I emailed a number of Fibromyalgia groups and within twenty four hours two tepid to me. They both said exactly the same thing and said something surprising that only made what my new GP stated as confusing. "Yes there are specialists at Guy's Hospital"?! I looked it up and though there was a Professor Stevens who had sadly died there were still five names on the list in their website!

This is confusing because Guy's Hospital is bloody famous and you think a doctor of years of experience would know this? Unless...

Despite being American the author in that book with quotes I posted up here did state that there are some doctors that believe Fibromyalgia dies not exist. Well once again I am a living  embodiment of the fact that this is simply not true. Not by a long way.

If it turns out that this is the stance my GP takes I can change that within 5 minutes tops. Twenty years ago I start getting odd symptoms start to build up until 13 years ago when they started to become a real problem and I started to pressure the NHS for help. Up until the last year when I first wrongly diagnosed Charcot Marie Tooth which was seemingly ruled out by Electromyograpy and Nerve Conduction Studies. Only those tests were performed I should add, for anyone who is a stickler for attention to detail. Still despite being wrong the diagnosis WAS entertained. A matter of months later and I stumble across the real culprit that fits like a tailor made silk glove woven by angels in heaven.

Hmm yes I stated it was not over? Yes well after the phlebotomy I stood at the reception with my list of names at Guy's and the Doc was standing their as were both receptionists...

"Ahh hello" I said and he greeted me with the same.

"I have something here for you.." I continued.

"I do not want ANYTHING FROM YOU, this is my mud morning coffee break!" He replied

"Oh..." I continued "I can always guarantee that I will run peaceful coffee breaks!" I exclaimed while the two receptionists started laughing. I said I handed over the list explaining what it was, said my goodbyes and have a wry smile and left.

But at 7pm tonight my mobile rang with a number I did not recognise and I answered it was the Doctor. He tried to ring earlier and it seems that the urine test came back and their are some issues. I have to pick up a prescription for some pills, I'm assuming are antibiotics, tomorrow and I have to have my kidneys tested for something or other.

One year with the man who should have made sure he was the smartest man in the room before opening his giant gate and I could not get a single diagnosis for the things that I KNOW I have. One week at this new surgery and kaboom! Three failed tests, more blood tests and other tests to come!

Now remember... the majority of pills, like even ibuprofen, have a bad effect on your kidneys. Many are toxins which have to be filtered out just like anything else, say like alcohol. Eventually you will knacker them out and how about this for irony? I was watching the end part of the third film, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, in the trilogy and an old secret service guy needed kidney dialysis every two days to stay alive. When I restarted the film he was in hospital about to be arrested!

Now THAT is irony!

Now it only remains to be seen, listen to me with the only, what the results of the cholesterol, glucose, blood and kidney tests are. They did seem quite concerned about these and was shocked that they rang me at 7pm in the evening to tell me. I stated to the doctor that this was unusually professional of them where he chucked a bit before saying "we do try" and I said well not many do.

One had to wonder if that irony well be outplayed by the fact that anything that had been done to my kidneys is down to the crap and wrong drugs I have been given over the years. Also of interest would be any legal implications this may have upon the NHS in time. My guess would be that there will be some series implications. Like the cholesterol test, with me not eating take-away foods or smoking any longer, I also do not drink alcohol!

I have a sneaky suspicion that the NHS are going to start putting their hands together and praying that I am lying about many things but now that I do still smoke and drink like a fish?!

Oh dear.


In all this time and in all I have attempted to do I have relied on but one single thing...

Faith in the truth.

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