Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I received an unusual email!

This email was from the GMC and I thought it was the reply to the Freedom Of Information Request? I have not contacted them over anything else in recent weeks at all. There was absolutely no point at all. I got what I wanted and exactly what I expected from them.

The same as evceryone else.

But below is first off my email reply to them emailing me gibbering on about the stuff that went on and clearly claiming inaccuracies. I mean for STARTERS they claim that in their vierw I was not iintentionally lied to, or misled they put it. But there a re a few prpoblems with this...

1) Yes I was
2) This is claer on the tape
3) He does not look at anything and go "Oh yes, sorry my mistake I have shit in m y eyes!!"
4) Even if he had it shows incompetence and still means he is not fit for practise, full stop!!

It just seems to be a email repsonse blithering crap because they now deem me intelligent all of a sudde3n because I am aware of the Freedom of Information Act?! Which they do not seem to have mentioned oddly.

Anyway just thought I would put it up for readers amusement at squirming uncomfortably, lol!


Dear Keren Milea

Sorry but I only just read this email and you cannot surely be that dense.

You are being evasive about taking any action and I intend to raise this as high as it can humanly go and highlight faliures within the system along the way.

Of course Dr Francis misled me he even ADMITS it on the recording that I have!

I did not expect this letter in all honesty as I am sure I sent you a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION request and requested etails of your running costs . numder of buildings etcetera.

Please be advised I have not done this because of your inaction, or rather not yours personally and if you are a public funded organisation you are bound to provide the information that I request.

I publish everything I ever do and all my recordings in a very public place for an ever growing audience. I also do this as I believe it is in the public's interest and they have every right to know where tax payers money is being wasted.

I am not particulalry interested nor impressed by the fact that your organisation appear is news reports either and I have noted that with many organisations and governing bodies, along with all Ombudsman such as yourselves, that they have all started to appear in the news media and a great deal more regularly.

But then this is likley doesnt to the fact that I sent a great deal of my previous evidence to thew media some time ago who have been reporting mny subjects but with their own investigations and have yet to acknowledge me.

Bit then that is the beauty of the Internet becuase despite so many organisations and public offices now using it very few understand it as I do, but them my DEGREE is in Computer Science after all.

Now back to the commenbts you made. Doctor Francis not only DID attempot to mislead me he INTENDED to do so and I am sorry but only somene utterly incompetent and lacking in common sense of any kind would suggest otherwise!!

It is quite obvious you have NOT heard that recording despite me telling you of its existence.

I repeat what I said previously...

He lied!

I pulled him!

He admits it!

Now quite what is so difficult for you to believe from those three simple facts all of which are recorded I really do not know.

But then you see I do not poarticuylarly care as I was well aware that you would wriggle like the pro verbial WORM not to take any action. Indeed that is exactly what I was hoping for for it is that I have been publishing online for my 100,000 audience, give or take a few thousand, and ever growing at several thousand per week.

I also knew that the NHS and Doctors and GP were all lying before hand but if you all had any intelligence at all you would realise that I was already aware of thie and therefore worked it all out which is why I RECORDED IT in the first place!!

It is also odd that I have been finding that people that suffered from delusiuons of grandeur based omn their jobs and positions who think themselves of some higher authority that normal members of the lublic show their incompetentce and naiverty by resorting to quoting chapter and verse when the covesrayion gets a little too techinical for them to understand?

Do not feel alone trhis happens a great deal.

The other things that these deluded people do not get is that it will be them that is chucked onto the fire when their commanding overlords realise that someone has come along and outwitted them and about to reveal their game to the entire nation over the coming months.

Naivety is NOT an excuse.


Martin Haswell BSc


From: gmcftp@gmc-uk.org
Subject: GMC: Ref KM/1- CUCLCY
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 17:32:26 +0000

18 December 2013

In reply please quote: KM/1-CUCLCY

Sent by email to 

Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your email of 28 November 2013.

With regard to your concerns about Dr Francis, I attach our letter of 3 September 2013, concerning complaints you made in July about Dr Gubbay and Dr Francis. In the online complaint form dated 25 July 2013 you detailed your concerns regarding Dr Francis and the ultrasound. The attached letter states that “The concerns that you have raised in respect of Dr D Francis have been considered. However, the assistant registrar is of the view that the issues raised do not suggest that there are any concerns regarding this doctor’s fitness to practise. We would recommend raising your concerns with the local Healthcare Authorities so that they can be reviewed.”

When we receive a complaint, we consider whether the information before us raises concerns about the doctor’s fitness to practise medicine. In this case there may be issues regarding Dr Francis’ and the ultrasound, and your GP not receiving a letter. However, from the information currently before does not indicate that Dr Francis deliberately misled you or did not send a letter to your GP. In these circumstances the GMC would not investigate, but would recommend raising your concerns locally in the first instance.

I note that you are dealing with NHS England. Any fitness to practise concerns arising from investigations would then be referred to the GMC.

The GMC only investigates those cases which we think may be so serious that we may need to take action to stop a doctor from practising or to restrict their practice in some way. A decision not to investigate is not meant to undermine any concerns raised.

I understand our decision will be disappointing, but we can only review it if we receive new additional information or if it appears that we have misunderstood your complaint.

Yours sincerely

Keren Millea
Enquiries Team
Fitness to Practise Directorate
General Medical Council
Direct Dial: 0161 250 6818
Fax No: 0161 240 7299


  1. This do seem to be a strange and unusual situation but GMC appraisal services is meant to address such kinds of situations I think?

    1. Oh and this fades into insignificance when you listen to my recordings of more than several Doctors lying and others being incompetent, evasive and without care or compassion.

      Career means more than human life. Odd as I thought the while idea of being a Doctor was the other way around?

      It's how I would have treated and approached such a position.

      After all I've been helping, advising and enlightening people to the dangers for 3.5 years and I've not expected not received a penny.

      A contrasting comparison of several years of helping and asking for help is what I was aiming for.

  2. Just see your comment ..

    Yeah you would think so. Except they did nothing .. other than five the GP an excuse to boot me on an unfair and unreasonable .. err, reason.

    That was so long ago now, current GP practice think it laughable I would resort to violence.

    As regards that violence ... do I take it that mental health sufferers probe to violence are not allowed a GP or hospital treatment?

    I never used that argument, after ask what would be the point?

    The while idea is to show their bad behaviour, lies and excuses and let the readers realise for themselves.


  3. This seems to be quite an odd situation but through proper knowledge about GMC appraisal it can be addressed. For guidance and more information kindly visit http://www.licencetopractise.co.uk/appraisal-process/