Sunday, 15 December 2013


Well the last few days I have followed the intructiions laid out to me as regards my diet to the best of my abilities, only during this time a few things have arisen that I had forgotten.

Now I have bought three items...

1 Benecol Drinks (as instructed)
2 Activia Yoghurt (Thought it lowered Cholesterol but not a word on the packaging)
3 Jelly Brown Health Drinks (Lactoactilus bulgarica) (..not casei europa or whatever the main one was called)
4 Porridge (this does actually lower cholesterol or mor correctly OATS lower them)

Within 24 hours something started to happen and for the worse and not the better and has contnued exactly the same ever since. This has also made me realise why my diet is so bad and therefore exactly WHY my test results were also bad. It is a direct result, YET AGAIN to the several Doctors I have had while in Enfield and the NHS as a whole!!

Note no question mark is it is without doubt qa fact like so many others. In fact I am rather surprised this did not occur to me earlier! But then and I have stated before that sometimes things can occur to me in the blink of an eye and sometimes they take a long time.

Also now factor in that despite the dozens of times I have stated those words that I now find out I have had short term memory problems which explains a great deal?!

Yeah well check again in my posts and you will note that I used to be given a drug wirth the brand name Nexium? You might also note that I have several disagreements with various Doctors and so-called health professsionals bevcause they insisted on giving me Lansoprazole? I stated that Nexium was more expensive and this was why? I also stated that Nexium was prescribed to someone I had known for two years and that she was aware of my problems and seen them in action and yet I was not aware of hers?! Added to this not only was her condition not as serious as mine but that her dosages of Nexium were 40mg and mine were 20mg and I had to have a row to get them up to 40mg. Then a few months later they insisted on putting me back on Lansoprazole and not even at 40mg but 20mg. I had a row about that and he put up the dosage but I realised weeks later it was only up to 30mg?

Yes well I still take those 30mg pills and hat row and those earlier posts of suddenly become very key for a number of very important reasons that even YOU the reqaders will see....

1 Within 24 hours of new diet I started to get really severa heartburn and the vomiting has gone haywire and that is an understatement!

2 I have now also realised that since I was put back on Lansoprazole I was also put back on Gaviscone and yet had not needed it while on Nexium

3 The DIET I have had, which is admittedly bad, is now DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED to both the NHS and the DWP.....I......THANK YOU!!!

4 The NHS should have noted the above two

5 Now you see another reason WHY this blog exists and I do not have to do a lengthy explasnation to it

6 See now how I am going to rip several holes in many organisations I only needed the time to get all my things in one place because of my memory problems. lol?!

7 I think they knew it was Fibromyalgia and played on the fact I was forget repeatedly

Here are a couple of pictures of the subjects of my new diet and sets of pains and vomiting...

 GOD!!! I have this really annoying thing in Wondows 7 and Paint where it does not save a rotated picture correctly, yet the damned thumbnails show it how you expect it to look. As soon as I put any in here they get rotated onto their side!! Grr! You have to delete the picture, as I keep FORGETTING, go back turn it on its side in pic viewer, save it, go to next pic, go back to target pic, rotate it to correct position and save again. Only THEN well it display in here the correct way up! I do not know if that is Windows or just another Google problem to go with all the others, lol.

Bought plastic spoons from the 99p Store. Be wrned I found them to be sharp edged, did someone say Governing Body and Ombudsman?! No they are just relatives of politicians probably and belong to an order that allows you to get ten times what you do on the dole, except instead of sitting on you fecking arse indoors you do exactly the same thing in an office at a desk answering a phone saying 'COMUTER SAYS YES THEN NOW AND THEN FECK OFF!'


I take a spoon oytr with me from now on so that I can increase my choices of food while I am out, not by much though. I still have the problem if financing it....oh wait, what did you say? I keep on about my minimal amount of money?? I have not explained it and talk nonsense?!


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