Thursday, 19 December 2013


Thank you Sky News for finally reporting on what I sent you and dozens of tabloids and news channels two years our more ago.

One by one I have seen my subjects pop up in the news albeit fashionably and extremely late to the party.

Though there are still a few that have yet to see the light of day and one of them is HMRC who ignored my reports and evidence of murky million pound companies tied to public offices committing serious fraud. The amount of bob paid tax would likely be in the hundreds of millions.

Whether this report is based on what I stated or it had already been reported...or this report will lead onto what I reported I do not know. Admittedly I just read the headline and thought 'feck bloody LAST!'

Oddly I think it funny that it occurs to me that the Serious Fraud Office should be involved in all this at some point?!


HMRC Failing To Pursue Big Business, MPs Warn -

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