Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I see incompetence still reigns supreme st the BBC!

Yes Danny because we the public are so thick that we only take things on board when a celebrity states it! Moron!

No it could not be the shit TV programs, the incessant and dire reality shows, the humongous licence fee for the crap, the suits and their gargantuan salaries or that there has been a cover up of child abuse for decades?!

Noo cannot be any of that can it?! Our the fact the journalism, to be fair most of it, is shite and months to years late to the party?!

No you can change it all on a select few like Jennifer Saunders! Nope I was posting about your corporation long before any if this came out. Oh and you had a hand in the death of my father ten years ago and I have had it in for you ever since as have my family. In fact all the 500 plus at his funeral lay the blame of his demise at you're door.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

BBC head of television hits back at 'daily chorus' of criticism -

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