Monday, 30 December 2013


I used to like it that way. The stormy weather that is.

This morning the stormy conditions have returned for the umpteenth time. I have already enough rain water to give my orchids a drink and change the water on my amphibians for the next year! Oh and my one metre aquarium.

Lately though it has become a real pain and no more so then at the present time. I was indoors all day yesterday which is difficult for me to do. Today I want to leave the house but it is treacherous and blowing like mad out there. I know if I put on the lighter of my storm coats I will perspire a great deal. Not because of the jacket you understand but because if this dreaded Fibromyalgia. Still at least I know what causes it now instead of being told that everyone sweats by Morton's deluding themselves into thinking they have a brain!

As well as the boredom and not being able to sit still there are things I have to do outside of the home. My shopping is always collected in fits and starts as is my household chores not by intention and there is nothing that can be done about it. I now know all this is to do with a part of my brain, the hypothalamus, that deals with 'fight or flight' which is permanently switched on. Thus morning when I woke up and felt shattered with my thigh muscles aching in pain, my limbs all stiff and that pain when I raise my arms up to far except now I KNOW why it is happening.

I also know now how it can be dealt with, but it is not curable. As I had starred to my crap and now previous GP I wanted Pregabalin except as I can now confirm it is expensive. Too bad for them. There is also another drug that in the USA was going through trials in America and I need to research more on this one. It induces proper sleep.

You might wonder what I mean by 'proper sleep'? Well it might interest you to know that although you slept you might not go into a deep sleep. The mad part about this is you will not know! Well you might because I can tell I did not achieve it last night. This is because everything is painful and I feel tired. It turns out that the during the day sleeps I have strangely had in recent years are a result of this lack of deep sleep.

This deep sleep is where your body repairs itself which importantly for Fibromyalgia is the muscles and the brain. No deep sleep means you wake up feeling just as knackered as you were the night before. As I also told many Doctors all my symptoms involved the tendons and fascia from what I could feel. Unfortunately none of them seen to know that it is now believed that Fibromyalgia sufferers are now believed to have a problem in the fascia of each muscle, which is why it can hurt everywhere. This is of course linked to the lack of sleep as they are not doing their jobs.

It gets better to! As I mentioned recently I have been working my way through what appears to be a very large book on Fibromyalgia written by a GP who herself suffered from Fibromyalgia. Now despite what I have discovered recently this book and it's author had been nothing short of a revelation! Indeed I have had it on my tablet for over a week now and have not even covered a third of it and yet I have dozens of highlighted sections. I am guessing it would take six posts to just provide the highlights relevant to me and all I have ever stated regarding my health.

Think of it as I had stated previously that this Fibromyalgia does not fit like a glove... it fits like a lovingly hand made and tailored glove. Which makes it all the more damaging to all the NHS staff I have seen in the last 15 years. As I saw likely a dozen or more in the last year alone this will become extremely embarrassing one it gets out.

It gets better still... I am one third of the way through the book and already both carpal and tarpal tunnel have been mentioned and along with several other things the author also experienced Plantar fasciitis because of the Fibromyalgia!! As PF only very rarely goes beyond a year or two you would think that after ten years they would realise something was wrong?! No, just fobbed off every time like it was completely normal to go ten years with PF and no help or support!!

It gets better as I thought it very odd when the author of said book starred in an earlier chapter that anyone who has had Plantar fasciitis can tell you of how excruciatingly painful the condition is?!

Here is a Doctor stating this and yet I have been talking the NHS, Local Councils and DWP this for 13 years and instead been lied to, lied about, tests falsified, records falsified and left for dead in a limbo resembling hell.... ahem! Lol. Oh yes and attached, actual bodily harm that aggravated my conditions and then defrauded by a bailiff operating on behalf of Waltham Forest Council!

Now considering the above alone, and there is much, MUCH more, factor in that there are a whole body list of other pains and conditions to hamper everything I do. The knees, the hips, the entire back, my shoulder, neck, groin and many others besides too long and bidding to go into. Plus I already published the list, Lol.

There are several things I would kill for, metaphorically speaking of course. Most of them to do with or directly linked to my condition.

That is one third of the book. I have been telling the DWP this repeatedly for the last 5 years. Instead they just shirt around it make it into nothing and lie about why their so called Doctors failed to turn up, Lol.

I long since stated and from the very outset that this was a living and breathing blog. It was used to publish some very damming and shocking evidence and documents as well as studio recordings I had previously acquired. But as I this it was also my intention to chase purple and organisations down. To the point that their avoidance towards hero and support would in the end look quite ridiculous and therefore obvious. As far as I am concerned I have done this several times over with each of a long list of organisations.

However, despite what I state in the last paragraph I was also working up to a crescendo of sorts. I intend that this would happen so quickly in many cases and with the visitors I am now getting that this will be easily seen. People are adverse to concentrating too long or reading to long, even though this is designed to help them see the truth. It will appear that some do not want to really know. Makes me think of that scene with Loki in the movie The Avengers, the part where outside that hotel he asks people to kneel and tells them they WANT to be ruled. The statement sounded ridiculous to begin with but then it made me think of the things that go on and that which the wider general public appear to do nothing about or shake their heads with their fingers in their ears loudly shouting 'LALALALALAAAAA'.

Maybe this is just some amoral reaction to a part of the R-Complex of the brain (R stands for Reptilian) that is only interested in self preservation? Who knows I can only surmise the truth at times. It is all good when I can show the proof on here by way of secretly recorded audio or letters full of lies typed out by an air headed moron. The rest if the time I simply surmise.

Sometimes, however, I can do a little more than surmising. Yes I can then perform actions with the CONFIDENCE of what I already know along with already have. I can then make contact yet again after a long pause to this I have contracted previously! One in particular, of you have been paying attention, I contacted last year but never heard from only this time I know what I have instead of thinking that last year I was almost certain of but had gotten wrong. Unless you were pursuing attention it was the idiot, or is that LYING, Doctors that made me think it must be something very rare. Also they said that Restless Legs was not linked to anything. Neither was Plantar fasciitis and added to this nothing I had was linked together, Julian Livingstone of Barnet Hospital among others.

If you also recall the UK Government and the DWP have wangled things for a long time that each ailment is treated separately as if each one was a separate individual! They have for some time refused to acknowledge, downright obvious why, that a single individual can suffer from more than one thing!!

So it is Ovid note that one of the things that consecutive governments and/or Serco have forced upon Doctors and specialists is to simply tell patients that all these ailments cannot possibly be linked! Obvious now with hindsight.

However in all this the one thing they did not factor into the equation way back when, when it all started, was that someone could come skiing smart enough to catch them and catch them in the act as I am about to do, Lol.

I fully intended that in the end there will be no avoiding it, no denying it and no way around it that the truth will out. This is the year that approaches us now of 2014.

Of it is not over during 2014 I can assure you the writing will most certainly be on the wall.

Hmm and now I have got to that bright point of the year that approached would you believe the sun is now dining into my bedroom? Time for me to go out and acquire various... ITEMS


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